Times Like These(H.S.)

They were young, they were dumb, they were drunk, and they were careless. They only did it for the pleasure. Little did they know, a certain little surprise would be the result of the careless actions.


3. Welcome Home

Welcome Home


I dial Anne's number and she picks up. "Hi Anne." I say, "Peyton, Hello." She replies. Erm, we have landed. Sorry if I awakened you." I tell her, just as I notice it's half two in the morning. "It's fine. Do you have anywhere to stay?" She asks in a yawn. "No.. I didn't think of that. Oh my gos-" She cuts me off. "Peyton, you are fine to stay with me until dawn. Then you may go to your mum's if you'd like. She misses you." She offers. "Anne.." I say warningly. "Harry's not here. He is staying with a friend I believe. He left earlier." She says and yawns again.


"Do I need to come and get you three?" She asks. I look at Kaylee and Joey asleep on the filthy aeroport floor, resting on their suitcases. "Yes please. And I brought pictures for you and Gems. Of the children." I tell her. "I'm almost there, be ready.  We will talk more in the car." I say okay, then we hang up. I pick up the sleeping Joey and Kaylee and see Anne pull up. "Oh Peyton!" She says and runs towards me. "I'll take their bags. The car is up there." She says and stares at Joey and Kaylee.


"They are beautiful." She whispers. "Joey looks exactly like Harry." She giggles. I smile small. "Yeah, he does." I whisper. We get into the car and start to head towards her home. "They asked me about their dad.." I say quietly and bite my lip. She takes a quick look at me, "What did you say?" She asks. "I told them that I would tell them when we got here." I say.


"They asked if you loved them too" I say and laugh a breathless laugh. "Did you tell them that I love them so much?" She says I laugh a little. "Yes, I said you love them a lot." I finish. We pull into the drive and I sigh. The house I haven't been to in four years, I am going into. My house is right across the street, lights off. I notice the light to my old room on, and a womanly figure bent over. My mum? I shake my head and grab the kids. "Joey, Kaylee, we are at Nanas. Come on guys, let's go in." I say quietly and they shift awake slowly.


"Mummy?" I hear Joey say. "Yes my big boy?" "I love you." He says and lazily kisses my lips. My heart warms at his affection. I have both children on my hips and Anne grabs their bags. We go inside. "You can stay in Gemma's room, she isn't arriving until tomorrow afternoon, I'm sure she wouldn't care." Anne tells me. "It's upstairs to your right." She instructs. I nod and slowly walk upstairs with the children.


"Let's get into you pyjamas." I whisper to them. they groggily undress and which I helped. "Mummy?" I hear Joey say again. Kaylee is already asleep on Gemma's bed. "Yes Joey?" I say questionably. "Is that Daddy?" He asks and points behind me. I turn around and see A photo of Harry hanging on Gemma's wall. I smile and push his curls back. "Yeah, that's daddy. Let's go to sleep. You can meet everyone in the morning" I say and kiss his forehead. I rest in the middle of them and they snuggle into my sides.


My eyes slowly close and I drift into a deep sleep.




"Shh, bubby, you're gona wake up mummy" I hear Kaylee attempt to whisper. "Sissy, what's this red stuff?" I hear Joseph ask curiously. I peek open an eye and see him putting my lipstick on his lips and face. I sit up quickly and grab my phone, taking a picture of it. "Joey, that's girly stuff." I tell him. He immediately drops the tube of lipstick. Kaylee comes onto me and staddles my waist, snuggling into my neck. "Someone's feeling cuddly today." I laugh, Joey shortly joins her, his face covered in lipstick.


"Lets go downstairs and meet Nana and Granddad, yeah?" I say and wipe off the lipstick from Joey's face. They nod and giggle. They hop off the bed and I join them, I hold their hands and we all go downstairs. Laughter is heard.


"And then she was like, I don't even have a shoe! Oh my gosh it was so funny" I hear A male voice say. It's higher pitched and too fast to be Harry's. I walk in with the children attached to my hands. "Oh, Peyton. Glad to see you're all awake. How are my babies?" Anne asks.


"I'm a big boy!" Joey exclaims. "And I'm a princess!" Kaylee says. Anne and the man next to her laugh and give each other a kiss on the lips. "Ew! Mummy! Now they are gona get cooties!" Kaylee says. We all laugh at her and I pick them up.


"Oh, my apologies. Robin, meet Peyton, Peyton, my husband Robin" I shake his hand and he gladly shakes it back. "Nice to meet you. Anne wouldn't shut up about you." I turn and face Anne who now has Joey and Kaylee on her hips. "It's true. When I said I missed you, I wasn't joking." She said. Kaylee laughs and Joey gets down. He takes off running, "I will go get him" I say.


"Joey? Where are you honey?" I ask, my motherly side showing. "Joey?" I ask. "Daddy!" I hear Joey shout. I look confusedly. I walk to where I hear his little voice. Harry's room. The door is pushed open and Joey is standing next to a sleeping Harry. My heart races, I swear he can hear it.


"No no, come on Joey. Let's go." I say, "No mummy! I want daddy!" I sigh in frustration. "Be quiet, you're going to wake him up" I say, I pick Joey up and go to the door. "Peyton?" I hear him groggily ask. "Uh, hello Harry." I quickly say and exit his room. "Peyton wait!" I hear him shout, but I ignore.


I go down stairs and into the kitchen once more. "Hey, Kaylee, Joey and I are going to visit my mum. So, we will come back later." I say quickly and walk to the door. "Come back for dinner?" She asks. "Uh, yeah, yeah. See you!" I say and start towards the door. "Where are you going?" I hear Harry say. My body freezes. I feel Kaylee and Joey's head snaps towards Harry.


"Daddy!" They shout. I turn to Harry. "To my mums." I say slowly. He just stares at Kaylee and Joey. "Daddy! Mummy, look! It's daddy!" Kaylee says. "I told you we have a daddy, bubby" She says and places her hands on her hips.


"Peyton? Are these mine?" He asks and slowly walks towards me. "Yes Harry." I whisper. He walks towards Joey and smiles. "He looks exactly like me." He says in adoration, then he looks at Kaylee. "She looks like you a lot, but has my dimples." He says in admiration. Then he looks at me, "And you've grown so beautiful." He whispers.


I gently shy away from his touch. He looks hurt by my actions. "You hurt me Harry" I say quietly. "And I am going to see my mum, and the children are coming with me" I say quietly once again. I pick up the twins again and exit the house. Fresh tears form in my eyes as I walk across the street to my house.


I knock on the door after taking a deep breath. "I'm coming!" I hear my father shout. He opens the door and stops all of his movements. His eyes turn watery and his body physically relaxes. "Peyton" He whispers out. He looks at the twins and let's a tear fall. "Hello dad." I say and smile. "Honey, whose at th- Peyton?" I see my mum. She stops all her actions just like dad.


"Mummy?" I hear Kaylee say. "What sweetie?" I tear my gaze away from my parents to my child. "Is that Nana and Granddad too?" She asks. "Yeah, they are" I say and look at my parents. "Too? They have met the father's parents?" My mother asks. "Yeah, Anne and Robin. Harry is the father." I tell them.


"Come on in, we can talk more in the house.  We have a lot to catch up on." My father says and wipes his eyes. The kids and I walk inside and sit down where they told us.

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