Times Like These(H.S.)

They were young, they were dumb, they were drunk, and they were careless. They only did it for the pleasure. Little did they know, a certain little surprise would be the result of the careless actions.


1. Flashback



"I'm pregnant Harry." I say whilst biting my lips waiting for a reaction. I take in his features and just look. His eyes widen then go to normal and he keeps opening and shutting his mouth as if he is trying to say something. "You're going to get it aborted right?" He finally speaks. I open my mouth in shock. "No, why would I kill an innocent baby? How could you even suggest that?" I ask, my voice raising.


"We are young Peyton. We are fucking 16, for God's sakes." he says, throwing his hands in the air. I pinch the bridge of my nose in frustration. "I'm not getting rid of it Harry. Killing it, would pretty much be killing me." I say quietly and look into his eyes. Tears are starting to burn in my eyes, I know by the look in his eyes he doesn't want me anymore. He don't want me nor the package I come with.


"Bye Harry" I whisper and hurriedly run out of his house. How could he do this to me? How could he even suggest abortion? Is the baby really that bad?




"Mum, can I speak with you?" I ask wearily. I am frightened at what her response will be, she is really religious. I am not to have a child until marriage, well, here I am; only sixteen years old with a baby. "What is it?" She asks snippy. I gulp and play with my fingers. "I'm uh- I'm pregnant mum" I tell her.


She just stares at me. She brings her hand back and slaps me across the face. The slap echoing throughout the house and my head turning sideways. I hold my face as it burns, my already tear filled eyes just let the tears fall. "You must be out by tomorrow at sunrise. No daughter of mine will whore around. This is the result of carelessness Peyton!" She screams at me. I hold my face and go to my room and grab a small bag.


I phone the only people I know who will take me in. My auntie.


"Hello?" I hear her voice. I immediately sigh in relief. "Auntie?" I say. "Peyton! How are you dear?" She asks cheerily. I look out of my window and see Harry walking to his house but not before taking glances at my house and window. "Not too well.. Can I stay with you for a few? I'll explain when I get there." I tell her. "You know you're always welcome. See you in a few?" She asks. "Yes, can you come get me though? Ill be outside waiting." She says okay. then hangs up.


I pack my bag full of clothes and necessities and put it around my shoulder. I ignore my mum and go outside and wait. I set my bag on the ground and put my hands on my stomach. "It's okay baby, I still love you." I tell it. Even if its only a week in the stages, I feel the need to remind the baby it's still loved.


"Oh Peyton, how are you dear?" I hear Anne say. I look up. "Oh, uh, hi Anne." I say awkwardly. I see Harry come out with her and I want to cry. "What are you doing?" She asks. "Im moving." I say, Harry's head snaps up. Tears start to burn again, so I look up and take deep breaths.


"What? Why?" She asks as my aunt pulls up. "Because im pregnant and nobody wants me. Have a good life Harry. Bye Anne" I say and let the tears fall. /// short, sorry. Yay or nay?

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