Runaway Tribute

Crimson had made it 7 years without being picked, now she is eighteen and this is her last year, but not everything goes as planned. Crimson's named get's picked, and she has no choice but to fight.


5. United We Stand


“Step here, no Mizar, more to the left, Ok good.” Struve made the finishing touches to my dress as I stood next to the chariot, waiting for Ash, My dress was strapless, so you could see how my skin changes from it’s usual pale self to the sea in just a few skin cells. My dress is practically glowing like a perfect pearl, shining in the sunlight. Like a wedding dress, it had a slightly long train of lace. Flosfluva skipped up next to me, holding something behind his back.

“What?” Flosfluva’s smile crept on his face

“Close your eyes.” he said in a singsongy voice. So I closed my eyes. I felt something being pushed up on my scalp, a headband.

“Open your eyes!” Flosfluva clapped his hands.

“Does it go with my dress?” I twirled around and then curtsied.

“You tell me.” Flosfluva handed me a hand mirror. I lifted it up so I could see the diamond encrusted headband that complimented my dress.

“Oh it’s beautiful Flosfluva!” I gave him a hug, without warning. 

Flosfluva didn’t seem like the hugging type but I felt his arms around me. It felt nice to have some Capital friends.

"I am a cowboy!" I released my hug and turned around to see a boy fighting with his stylist.

"Yes, district 10, LIVESTOCK!" his stylist, whose name was Zenobia Greenlaw, yelled back.

"You couldn't make me, I don't know maybe something good!" the boy was standing next to a girl, who was quiet. The boy wore cow printed pants and a white dress shirt, with embroidered  cows running around in a field along the top. The girl, whose skin was a dark tan, wore a cow print skirt, and a matching tank-top than became a cape at the shoulders.

"Do you like your outfit?" Zenobia looked to the girl, for a yes.

"I like it!" she twirled around, making her skirt fan out, like an umbrella and her cape flutter behind her.

The girl had a smile, that spread across her face, and big dark brown eyes.  Something about her make her seem so friendly. Was it the brown eyes? Or the dark skin? Or the dark brown hair that reached her mid back. 

"See now, Spens, if you have a problem, you can punch a tree IN THE ARENA!" Zenobia turned around and stormed away, leaving a opened mouth Spens and a girl who was smiling as big as she could.

"That's the two tributes from District 10, Spens Portshore and Nur Baxwoll." Struve walked up and put his hand on my shoulder, making my pre-ceremony jitters go away.

"Oh." That was all I said. I felt bad for Spens, basically because he just called out, to his death.

"Over there, is Talon Lapworth and Rapalia Overwhill, District 1." Struve pointed to a buff guy and a skinny girl bickering with each other in the corner.

"Right." I laughed, looking to another chariot. 

"Who is that?" I pointed to a girl with bright orange hair, who wore headlights on her chest.

"Shai Lockhearst, District 6, and next to her is Leonis Erwin." Struve pulled my shoulder so I was facing him.

"Alright, now you are going to get on the chariot, Ash is running a little late, but I want you to take a deep breath and just smile and wave, whether you want or not, you have to show them that you "love" them." Struve turned me toward the chariot and gave me a little shove. 

I grabbed onto the railings and hoisted myself up and onto the left side of the chariot. Two white horses, painted with the numbers 4 on there were tied to the front, kicking their hooves up.I stood their looking around to the other tributes. I saw Nur and Spens, I saw Shai and Leonis and Talon and Rapalia bickering about in their chariot. But there was one person I had my eyes fixed on tribute. Titus Naysmith, District two. He has short, dark black hair and he wore a jacket made of spikes. He stood next to a girl, whose name I think was Laurel Dugald. She was tall, and skinny, she had a mean smile, like she was smiling over the fact she was going to kill you. I turned away when she looked at me. I didn't want to her to plan my death.

"Child! You need your shoes!" a loud voice yelled from the end of the room. I turn to see Ash running full speed at me, with of course, no shoes, with his stylist, Bergwind Saltcoats running after him.

"Ash!" I laugh as he jumps onto the chariot, running straight into my arms. It has only been hours before we last saw each other, but that is long for someone you love so much.  I let go of Asher, so Bergwind and put on his shoes. He sat on the edge, feet dangling down like a child, waiting for his mother to put on his shoes. He told me about how it was cool we can see through our skin, even though we were not actually looking through our arms.

Once Bergwind was done she signaled to Struve.

"Up!" Struve picked Asher up and faced him to the doors.


"Now, remember both of you, smile and wave, blow some kisses, catch a stuffed animal, anything to show you are nice and lovable" Asher and I stood tall as Districts 1,2 and 3 gallop out of the doors, and then our horses quickly followed. First we were in a big empty room and next we are in the middle of two sections of cheering capital people. I smiled, waving with my left arm, while the other was intertwined with Asher's left arm.

I blew kisses, caught gifts and smiled until my teeth were about to fall out of my mouth from the pressure.

We went twice around the circle and into the training center. I let go of Asher's arm and stumbled out of the chariot.

Struve and Bergwind came walking up, clapping.

"Good, you guys were perfect, you can watch the commentary later tonight." Struve gave me and Asher a hug before handing us over to Wisher and Mags. 

He hugged Asher first and when he hugged me, he whispered into my ear something that made chills go down my back


"Escape while you can"


He let go and smiled before walking off, when he did, Wisher went rambling on about how we need to get started on interview practice, but his words flew right over my head because all I could think about was what Struve said.


Escape while you can, what does that mean and why would he tell me that?

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