Runaway Tribute

Crimson had made it 7 years without being picked, now she is eighteen and this is her last year, but not everything goes as planned. Crimson's named get's picked, and she has no choice but to fight.


2. To the Capital


The 2 days to the Capital went by fairly quickly. We were entering the Capitol when Wisher walked through the door.


"Alright, here we go.The Capital, the big pearl in the middle of the shell." Wisher ushered us out of the chairs and toward the window.


"When we arrive, I need you to wave, I can't have rude tributes on my hands." The room was filled with darkness, as we soared through the tunnel. I felt Ash's hand grasp onto mine, and I held it tight. I tried to blink away the tears but I feel one, sliding down my cheek. I was about to wipe it off when I was blinded by the light. We were out of the tunnel and the sight of the capital was overwhelming.


"Oh my gosh!" Ash gasped.


"Ash, it's going to be alright, I mean we will only be hear a couple days." I held his hand tighter, trying to reassure him but I felt his hand let go.


"It's beautiful!" the fear had flooded his face was gone and was taken over by a giant smile.


Wisher had stepped back, as we entered the station. It was filled with hundreds, maybe thousands of preposterous dressed people.


"Wave, wave at the crowd. This could be the line between life and death!"


My wave was a ripple compared to Ash's. He was waving like he was just crowned the victor, not crowned victim.


I gave the slightest twist in my wrist, and that was all I was going to give. I am not going to let them make me glorify what will be the hardest weeks of my life. I will have to pit humanity against survival and innocence against family. Killing someone in the Hunger Games is falling for the Capital. it is letting them suck all that was from you and turn you into a murderer but if that is what I have to do to make sure Ash stays alive, I will.


"Alright, Alright, you can stop waving, if you wave any longer your wrists are going to snap off!" Wisher grabbed both of our shoulders, and ushered us out of the train. I thought Wisher's outfits were outrageous, I barely took 10 steps on the foreign ground and I feel like I walked into a freak show. Woman with tinted skin, like Wisher's but bright red and pink, men with eyelashes that are as think as a branch and the colors of the rainbow, and kids caked with makeup, or at least I hope that is makeup.






"What about the eyebrows, they look like caterpillars" Aurum, one of the people who were stripping my body of any hair said,ripping off the last wax sheet from my leg. I bit my lip, trying not to scream.


"We have another lip biter! Get some napkins." Flosfluva, one of the only normal looking ones walked over, and pressed something soft onto my face. I looked down at the napkins. A circle of red emerged. I didn't know my lip was bleeding. It was like a pinch compared to the pain that was happening on my legs.


"At least she isn't screaming bloody murder like that girl last year." Flosfluva placed a strip of wax paper on each of my arms.


He looked at the woman who held the other strip of wax, slightly nodded and they both yanked, with equal strength.


"Well that is a wrap!" he helped me up, and onto my feet. 


"Struve is waiting for you" Flosfluva helped me into my robe and led me to an empty room.


I looked around but nobody was in there. The oil black walls and the small lamps made it impossible to see anything other than the small amount of furniture that was placed in the room. Two small red couches opposite of each other, a glass table, a desk and a black leather chair but no humans. I turned back to Flosfluva who was closing the door.


"Hey, I thought he was waiting for me!" Flosfluva pushed the door open more so I could see him.


"He is right there!" He pointed to what looked like an empty chair but then two bright green eyes appear from the black leather. 


"Sorry, just taking a nap." his deep voice surprised me, along with the rest of him.


Struve stood up from the black leather chair, making him now 3 feet higher than me. His resemblance to the black leather chair was shocking. His hair was short, but as black as the dark sea. His build was tall and firm. His skin is what helped him blend in to the pig skin leather.  


He walked over to the door and flipped the switch, which made the walls change from oil black to sea green and the lights to grow brighter. 


"I'm Struve Ogilby, your stylist." he pointed to the platform that was at the end of the room.


"You want me to stand on there?" He nodded. I walked over to the platform and as my left foot touched the cold tile, 4 bright lights clicked on.


"Take off your robe." I slipped it off, so he could see my body and decide what kind of outfit I would be wearing to the Opening Ceremony, and for my interview. 


He walked around me a couple times before stopping in front of me.


"Chin up, stand tall." he slightly tapping my chin, forcing it up.


"Alright, you can put your robe back on." He handed me my robe.


I pulled it on and followed Struve to the couch, where he sat opposite of me.


"Ok, so you have been watching The Hunger Games almost your whole life correct?" He pressed a view buttons on the clear glass table and when I blinked, the table was filled with food. 


He handed me a plate and nodded, telling me to pick and eat all I want.


"Umm yes, ever since I could understand the purpose of the Hunger Games, which would make me about 6." I replied as I fought some chocolate dipped cherry-sized bread balls get on my spoon.


"So you know that since your district is fishing we must base your Opening Ceremony outfit accordingly." Struve's voice was naturally monotone which made it sound like he was bored out of his mind but there was a hint of concern that made him sound like a very close friend.


"So I am going to be dressed as a fish like the last 144 tributes from district 4?" I placed a spoonful of rice in my mouth. I remember each and every fish that our districts tributes dressed up as. Last year they were dressed up as Crown Tail Betta, the siamese fighting fish. The girl wore a scaly black dress with red frills at the bottom while the boy wore a scaly black suit with red shoes. 4 years ago, it was the Mono Sebae fish, where they were butt-naked and painted in a black and silver pattern. So I wonder what fish Ash and I will be posed as.


"Well, no. I am going to make you pearls." Struve pulled a black folder out from under the couch. He opened it up and handed it to me.


The paper itself was practically radiant. The dress was long, flowy and the perfect glowing white. 


"It's beautiful." I choked, the glow was making my eyes slightly water.


"We are going to cover you in glitter." he leaned over the table and flipped the page.


The drawn model's paper white skin was replaced with a shimmering blue that I mistaken for water.


"Struve, can you do this?" all of this looked amazing and also impossible.


"I can, and I will." I looked up to Struve. He kept a straight face, to hide any emotion but when I showed him my grin, I swear I saw the left corner of his lip twitch.      


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