Runaway Tribute

Crimson had made it 7 years without being picked, now she is eighteen and this is her last year, but not everything goes as planned. Crimson's named get's picked, and she has no choice but to fight.


6. Floor Four


The table was filled with so much food, I though I was going to throw up just looking at it. Struve, Bergwind, Mizar and Wisher talked about how amazing Asher and I looked compared to “the misfits”.

Misfits was really the word I would use considering that almost every district has a better industry than fish. Sure, that means we don’t have to face the worries of getting our hands stuck in an textiles machine but that doesn’t solve all the drownings and occasional shark attacks we have. I twirled my cranberry and chicken soup with my spoon as I listened to Struve’s and Flosfluva’s conversation.

“Maybe we should dress her as a shark.” Flosfluva opened up his sketch book. I was across the table so my view was odd but I saw something as he flipped to the right page. 

“What’s that?” I look at Flosfluva whose cheeks had turned pink.

“Oh nothing, just a small idea I had, anyways I was thinking that we could us the shark..”

“Can I see it?” I looked to Struve, who looked to Flosfluva.

“Ok fine.” he turned back two pages and there was the dress.

A strapless ball gown, that was the color of the sky.

“What is it supposed to look like?” Asher, who was sitting next to me was right behind Struve and Flosfluva.

“Well the gown is supposed to flow with water.” his dark green nails move around the waist of the dress.

“This is where the water comes out and here.” his fingers move down to the hem.

“This is where the water is recollected and reused at the top again.” I watched as he swallowed in anxiety as Struve flipped through his designs.

“Why didn’t show me this?” Struve patted Flosfluva’s back

“This is absolutely perfect!” Struve clapped his hands and hugged Flosfluva.

“I thought we were going to have to dress her in a bland goldfish dress like Jaxion suggested.”

Struve raised his glass to everyone.




      I had barely made a dent into my dinner when Struve spoke up.

“Ahh yes, well Crimson and Asher, why don’t we take a walk, shake off some of the many pounds you just gained.”

“But..” I started but his eyes showed urgency, so I reluctantly stood up.

“Come on Asher.” my voice had gone higher, which was normal when I was nervous.

Asher stood up and looked back at everyone.

“Asher.” I hissed, before grabbing his hand and slightly pulling him after Struve who was heading toward the elevator.

We all piled in, and when the glass doors shut Struve pushed the number “12”


“Were are we going Struve?” I ask, looking at Asher who looked slightly green. I couldn’t tell if it was from all the food he ate, or the fact he was also scared where we were going.

“We need to speak privately.” His sonorous voice boomed

“But wh…”  the doors opened to a wide room, it was so much richer than ours, even though they were practically identical.

The two tributes from district twelve, Velvet Fairbain and Vamos Odinshoot looked up from eating their dinner. Being from the coal district I would have thought they would have looked like every other District twelve tribute, the olive skin, the dark hair and brown eyes, but these too didn’t look like that. Vamos had short blonde hair and baby blue eyes, which was abnormal in District Twelve. The last time I saw someone with blonde hair and blue eyes was when I was 8, and I watched Theta Bain club him in the head with a wooden bat she made herself. She was from District Seven. Velvet had long blonde hair and also baby blue eyes. The only thing that separated them from looking identical was Velvet’s small tattoo on her neck. with the number “12”. It looked new, so I figured she had asked for it when her stylists were prepping her for the ceremony.

Effie Trinket, the lady who did the reaping in District Twelve stood up quickly.

“Struve, what brings you here at such a time. Don’t you have manners!” she glided across the floor, in her fishhook shaped shoes. 

“I need to us..”

“You can’t just waltz in her while we are eating!” Effie starting going on about manners. 

Asher and I stood there awkwardly swaying back and forth and whenever I looked up my eyes met with Velvet. She looked so innocent, for her being seventeen. She turned to Vamos and whispered something into his ear, using her hand to cover her mouth as she spoke. Vamos looked at her then me, then Asher and then back at Velvet. He nodded.

Were they planning my death? No they can’t be, District Twelve has always had nice people, or at least they seemed nice, but this would be my first time meeting a citizen of District Twelve. 

“I just need to use the roof!” Struve’s voice got incredibly deeper, which I thought was not possible and Effie must have thought the same because she was taken aback at the sudden rage.

“You know where it is.” Effie turned on her heel and stomped back to her seat.

I looked back at Struve who gave out a loud sigh.

“Let’s go.” he headed down the hall. I passed each door and named who would be there in our living quarters.

I felt my stomach turn as we reached the end of the hall, there was a metal door, the door that made our living quarters no longer identical,which means it goes to the roof. Struve placed his large hand onto the handle and yanked it open.

A felt a soft breeze hug my body.

Struve held the door open and ushered us up the stairs.

It was nearly dusk, so the sky was a beautiful purple and orange.

The wind was loud as if it went through one ear and it went out the other.

Struve slammed the door behind us, and he appeared seconds later from the staircase.

“So why are we up here again?” Asher had taken the words from my mouth. Asher didn’t look green anymore, he looked confident.

“I need to speak to you about how to escape.”

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