Runaway Tribute

Crimson had made it 7 years without being picked, now she is eighteen and this is her last year, but not everything goes as planned. Crimson's named get's picked, and she has no choice but to fight.


4. Arms made of Water


"Would you stop moving!" Flosfluva and Mizar shouted. I was laying on the table, as they brushed my feet.

"It tickles, I'm sorry!" I laughed, curling my toes as they brushed some more.

"So is my skin going to be blue and glittery?" I giggled, trying to hold still. I couldn't see my legs but I could see them give each other a grin.


I felt the brushes on my calf, making it so much easier to stop moving. I wonder if they were doing the same thing to Ash, maybe a glowing suit, with blue skin.

"Am I going to look like a blueberry?" I must have sounded very worried because Flosfluva and Mizar burst out laughing.

"No of course not!" Mizar shook her head, making her lime green hair fall out of it's bun.

I smiled and let go of that worry. I closed my eyes and pictured Aria. Aria was the odd one out in the family, like my mother. She has my fathers ginger hair, going to her shoulders, and the pale skin of my mother but what she doesn't have is my father's eyes. Ash and I have my father's emerald eyes, but Aria has my mothers dark hazel eyes. My mother is also the odd duck. Instead of the ginger hair we all seem to obtain, she has her long blonde hair, that reaches her lower back.  I picture Aria is sitting in class, quietly doing her work. Everything looked so real, the sound of pencils scratching against the rough paper, and the soft clicks of the teacher's heels. I thought I could almost reach out and touch her, hoping it was reality. I reach my arm out but the image distorts and the small, warm classroom was taken over by a desert. Aria is standing on the platform, she is mouthing something but for some reason I can't hear her. 

Her voice slowly processes in my brain and what she is saying nearly breaks my heart in two. 

"I THOUGHT YOU COULD SAVE ME! YOU ARE MY BIG SISTER! SAVE ME,SAVE ME,SAVE ME!"  I cover my ears, and squint my eyes shut,but those 2 words are still booming in my head

"SAVE ME, SAVE ME, SAVE ME!!" I open my eyes again, but instead of Aria, it is Ash, standing on the platform, crying and screaming.


"Save you from what?" Flosfluva's soft and warm voice brings me to open my eyes. The whole prep team was staring at me.  I sit up, looking around the room. This is real, that was a dream

"Umm nothing, just a bad dream." I muttered, and I laid back down.

I had to keep whispering to myself that it was just a dream

"This is real, that was a dream, this is real that was a dream." soon the words slurred into my head and I fell into a dreamless sleep, away from the dark thought that crept into my imagination.



 "All done now darling." Mizar shook my shoulders, waking me up. I tried to sit up but I was pushed back down with the screaming of 

"NO!" from the whole prep team.

"What? Why am I not allowed to see myself?" after all the torture I was put through, you would think I would be able to see.

"Not until you are in your dress and on that chariot on your way to swim your into the capitol's hearts!" Mizar made quite the effort to make it District four related, which changed nothing besides make me more homesick. I crave the warm hugs from my father, and the soft kisses from my mother and the long conversations with Aria. I felt something being wrapped around my eyes. I reached up and felt the soft touch of silk.

"We want to make sure you don't take a peak" Flosfluva patted my back.

"Darling,you look stunning, just wait, Mags will give you the best and only the best of sponsors." Flosfluva and Mizar helped me into my robe and then to Struve who was going to help me into my dress and add some finishing touches.


"Step here, alright now, before we put on the dress, I want you to see your skin!" Struve's naturally monotone voice gave me little hope that the paint was a success. But when they pulled the raw silk from my eyes, the model from the paper came to life. My skin looked like it was made of water itself. I lifted my left arm to my face. I could see myself in the mirror, distorted by the ripples.

"How can I see through my arm? Where are my bones? My muscles? My nerves? My Skin?" every thought that was bouncing through my head, blurted out of my mouth at once. Flosfluva gave a snarky laugh, that sounded like I said something complete stupid.

"Don't you know anything about technology these days?" Flosfluva looked at me and when I gave a small shake he rolled his eyes and turned away.

"Ignore Flosfluva, this was mainly his idea and so he might be a little upset at your ignorance." Mizar gave me a measuring smile before whispering into Flosfluva's ear.

I looked to Struve for some explanation.


"As you know, the prep team spent all afternoon painting you from the top of your chest to the little tips of your toes. Well we were just going to paint you in blue, with imbedded silver but Flosfluva came up with a paint, that was imbedded with tiny cameras." I looked at him, still trying to process what he was saying until he finally got how lost I was.

"Here let me show you." he grabbed my left arm and twisted the bottom side of my arm was facing me. He grabbed my right hand and ran my fingers across what would have been smooth skin, but instead steady rows of bumps, that I guess were cameras. The bumps were small, not big enough to see, unless you had a microscope but you could feel them.

"Those project the image." he flipped my arm right side up. "To paint here, which with the technology today can project those images onto the front of your arm, and same goes with the back of your arms." I looked at him and gave it one last try.

"So the tiny invisible cameras that are imbedded in neat perfect rows all over my body project the images it captures live to the opposite side?" I looked at Struve, then Flosfluva and then Mizar.

"Exactly." Mizar and Flosfluva cheered, clapping.  

"Alright so now into the dress!" 

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