What am I to you?


1. The secret

Jackie is the name has I'm looking at myself in the corridor mirror I'm going to sing a song not any type a song but a song just for guys "clears throat" if.... POW has I hear my room door open "Jacqulin Autum Rose" What did I tell stop looking at yourself in the mirror how many times do I have to tell huh" ? "But momm I like looking at myself in the mirror I love the way I look" grabing my gutair from the top of my dresser.My mom locked me in though out all my life she's scared of what people might think of me. I have a rare skin diease called Vitiligo it's when my skin is unusually to other people skin I hate it but it's me so basically I have to love it "Next time I see you looking at yourself in the mirror I'm taking away your gutair" has she slammed the door right behind her.Theres hardly nobody here but me and my mom my dad abandon us 3years ago for a young hot nurse.It still gets to me till this day I HATE HIM screaming into my pillow.Has soon as I was just falling asleep aloud BOOM scared the hell out of me! What could that be?

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