RWBY: The Flaming Arc


2. Chapter 1: The Arrival

I arrived at Beacon after throwing up on the transport. I was amazed at its beauty and elegance, as many students were. I saw this girl in a red cloak knock over this girl in a white dress's bags, and cause an explosion from raw Dust. I started walking over to help and I could her the white girl yelling, "-You dunce! How could you be so foolish! Ugh!" She screamed and picked up her bags and stormed off, leaving the little girl in the red cloak sitting on the floor pouting. I walked over and offered her a hand, "Need help?" I asked. "Thanks. What's your name? Mine is Ruby." She said. "Jaune Arc. Although most just call me Jaune for short." I said.

"Oh. You have a nice name. It's not common, I'll tell ya that." She said.

"Thanks. It runs in the family. I'm named after my grandpa. That's his statue." I said, and pointed to a the statue of a guy on horse, raising a sword and shouting. Ruby just kinda stood there, and then looked at this sword, then looked at my belt and noticed my sword. "Is that his sword?" She asked. I nodded. "Can I see?" She asked.

"Sure. Why? It's just a dusty old sword, nothing special." I said as I unsheathed it and handed it to her.

"Because it's an original! A classic! Not everyone has appreciation for the classics anymore. Me, on the other hand, love them." She said, swinging it around.

"I guess they don't, do they." I said. "What's your weapon?" I asked.

"Oh. It's just a scythe. That's also a high velocity rifle and a shotgun. Nothing special." She said.

"Nothing special? It's amazing! Where's you get it?!" I asked.

"I made it at Signal Academy. We had to make our own weapons and train with them. My Uncle Crow helped me with this." She said, taking it out. It was huge compared to her and my sword. I just stared for a second, and then the bell rang. "Crap! Orientation! We gotta go!" I yelled and took off down the path to the main building.

"Welcome to Beacon future Hunters and Huntresses. Here at Beacon, we only accept the best. It is a huge honor and privilege to be here, so if you misbehave, you will be sent home. My name is Glynda Goodwitch, the co-founder and assistant principal of Beacon. Mr Ozpin is busy, and sadly could not attend the orientation. You have two hours to go tour the campus, find your locker, your dorms, your classes, and other things before you must be at the cafeteria for lunch. Your two hours start, now." She said. As soon as she finished, everyone ran each which way trying to find things. I saw the cafeteria building, so I would know where to go after I found my locker and classes.

Once the two hours were up, we ate lunch and were told to go to our dorms for the first night, and get some sleep. We had a long day ahead of us tomorrow.

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