Faded Lights

I try to feel sad about what my life -or whatever this is called- has become, but nothing happens. I am numb to anything and everything.


3. Chapter Two

One Day After Accident

I wake up in the hospital to find my mum crying into her hands and Calum comforting her. I sit up but no-one looks over. “Hey” I say. My whole body ached but only for a slight second, relief soon passed over. I was alive. No one had lifted their head when I greeted them, they didn’t even make a response to show they heard me! “Hello!” I yelled, much to my throats despair. I felt as if voice chords were being ripped out!

A few minutes later a doctor came and I immediately recognised him. Dr Hood, Calum’s dad.

“What’s the verdict?” Calum asked politely, even though he was speaking to his father. What do they mean verdict? I am sitting right here! I spoke to them!

“He is in a deep coma at the moment. There are no signs that he can hear of feel anything and his injuries are fatal. We aren’t too sure if he’ll make it. I’m sorry.” 

“I’m right here dick heads! Can you not see me?” My mother started crying again and even Calum’s eyes glassed over with tears. I got up out of the bed and stood next to the doctor and almost died. On the hospital bed I had just gotten off, was my body. I looked down and saw my feet. Astonishment flooded through me.

“He has received broken ribs, legs and arms. His skull was fractured but luckily the brain was unharmed. His internal organs escaped without much injury and to the outer body, just a lot of cuts and bruises. The thing that we are most concerned about is the fracture in the left leg. It has been snapped in half and a part of the bone is missing. We are going to take him into surgery in a few days to put a metal rod in and hopefully that will clear things up, but if it doesn’t, his leg will have to be amputated due to potential injury.” My mother started for a few seconds, taking in the information. Calum got up and whispered something to his dad, gesturing him to come outside. I walked outside with them, curious about what they were going to say.

“He isn’t going to survive is he?” Calum voice cracked and he started crying.  His father patted him on the back and sighed.

“We aren’t sure at this point; he is a real bad condition. He is in the state we call comatose.”

“Comatose? I have heard that before. Isn’t that where you are in a coma but you still hear, see and feel everything?”

“Yeah, something like that. He can’t exactly feel anything.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Is he going to be okay?”

“You’re just going to have to wait and see. Everyone has to.”


I followed Calum outside and to his car. I reached out to grab the doorhandle but my arm went straight through, well, I guess there must be some benefits to being whatever the hell this is. I slid through the door and sort of floated on the seat. There was a large bang and a scream.

“Why! What the f*ck why!” Calum was hitting the steering wheel, tears streaming down his cheeks. I felt no sadness from this. I felt like crying, but I don’t know why. There was no compassion or anything. “Ash, I know you’re here! I can’t see you but F*ck man, you have to be!” Was he being serious? Did he know I was here? I reached out to touch him, but my hand went straight through his shoulder.

He shivered.

“You have to be here.” He laid his head on the steering wheel, still crying. I couldn’t stand the sight of it. I felt nothing, but at the same time, wanted to burst out in tears with him. Before I could get out of the car he started it up. I may as well go with him now.


About half-way back to the apartment, Calum pulled into a gas station and got out of the car. I just sat, looking miserably out the window until I saw the one and only Luke f*cking Hemmings walk past and wave. He could see me? Shit! Weird ass Luke Hemmings could see me! I reached for the door handle, but then remembered my new trick and slid out of the car. Luke’s face dropped.

“You’re one of them now.”

“One of who?” I spat. As much as I wanted to talk to him, I still hated him.

Them.” He pointed over at the park next to the station at a group of fading people.

“Are they like me? Not dead but not alive?” He nodded. “Do you know about what I am?” He nodded again. “Look mate, I can still hear, no need for sign language.”

“H-how did you die?”

“I’m not dead.”

“You pretty much are.”

“What do you mean? Can you explain what they are, what I am?”

“You might want to take a seat.” He smirked. Even in a situation like this, the dick can still be dick. “Sorry, I had to.” When I didn’t make any sign of movement he continued. “Okay, look, you aren’t dead, yet. You are in-between life and death. All these people, including you, have been in an accident that wasn’t their fault and shouldn’t have happened. ‘Death’ has a plan. He knows when and how everyone is going to die. But when someone dies out of his order, he gets very unhappy. He sends you into this state which is neither life nor death. He doesn’t want you, but if you can’t figure out what your purpose in life was, he just believes that you don’t want it, and takes you.”

“So you’re saying, I just have to figure out why my life was important, and I’ll wake up from this state?”

“Yes, pretty much. It sounds simple right? No, it isn’t. How does one simply find the meaning of life? It’s even harder when you are put under a time limit.”

“Time limit? So what, I have like, a few months or something?”

“Months? As if he would be that nice. You have a matter of days.”


“Seven to be exact.”

“So to get out of this and back alive, I just have to find the meaning of my life in seven days.” He nodded and started walking away, pleased with himself for knowing something I didn’t. “Wait.” I yelled. I stopped and swirled around on the balls of his feet and looked at me expectantly. “How do you know all this and how can you see me?”

“Because last summer, I was in your position right now. I was in-between. I found purpose to my life.” And with that, he walked away towards the other in-betweeners. 

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