When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


11. Chapter 9


The birds went tweet-ta-tweet-tweet , the roosters went Ah-Roooo! Alright, maybe not the roosters but..... did poor little Carl went , "Ahhhhhh!" on the next morning..... Blushing such a deep red, anyone would thought he is a tomato, Carl gripped on tightly to the bed sheets as his eyes fluttered frantically from left to right, looking at Lyerin's then Luke's face. "Oh god! Shoot me with a gun!" He screamed inwardly as he remembered how he moaned and came in pleasure under the two godly men.... Hearing Carl's scream, the twins woke up one soon after another. "Um.... h-hi!!! M-morning guys!! Why are u guys a-a-awake?!" Carl stumbled over his words as the twins stared back down at him with still droopy eyes. 'Kill me.... how can look so delicious and hot even though they just woke up?!' Carl thought to himself as he buried himself under the thick sheets. "Puh-lease! who can sleep with that 'amazing' wake up call?!" Lyerin teased as he ran a hand through his tousled hair. "How are you feeling?" rolling his eyes at his twin, Luke gently patted Carl's head and asked. "Huh? I'm fine. why wouldn't I be?" "Really?" "Yeah,sure! I'm not as weak as I look!" saying that, Carl jumped off the bed, attempting to stand up and show them he's fine. instead if standing up straight like he meant to, as soon as his legs touched the floor, his feeble knees went out and he tumbled onto the floor. He was about to give old mother land a good morning kiss when two pairs of strong arms held onto him and pulled him back up into the bed. Feeling embarrassed and confused, Carl sat between the twins and stared at his two long skinny legs trembling like crazy.... "Just like I thought...." Luke mumbled and picked Carl up with the bed sheet, carrying him over to a long couch in the corner and carefully putting him down. "What are you doi-" Carl propped himself up using his elbows and asked. "Take some rest. I doubt you will be able to walk for the rest of the day." Giving Carl a sexy yet evil smirk, Lyerin fist bumped his brother and they shared an inner laugh. "I'm going to have to get someone to cleaned up the bed later." Looking down at the semen covered bed, Luke scrunched his brows together. Carl would think he was annoyed but that ridiculously large smile on Luke's usually poker face confirms his suspicion that Luke was scrunching his brows out of habit. While Carl was dazing off, a pair of arms once again circled him and carried him up bridle style. looking up, Lyerin chiseled chin loomed over him. Letting out a giggle, Carl pushed himself up a little and give Lyerin's chin a kiss. He couldn't be more happier than he is right now..... "Oh you little elf! Haha.... Come, let's get you a nice warm bath." Lyerin smiled and kissed the tip of Carl's nose before carrying him into the bathroom. The warm water in the tub filled the room with steam as Lyerin's hands roamed up and down Carl white and smooth torso....Carl, who was off in a daze from the comfort of the warm water around his aching body didn't so much as struggled against Lyerin's hands. " It was until Lyerin grabbed on to his small pinkish member and started pumping slowly, only then Carl started to struggled. Trying to stopped the pleasure Lyerin was making him feel. From last night, Carl already knew how skilled these twins are with their hands and mouths, even though deep down he wasn't hoping for Lyerin to stop but being the shy one that he is, he attempts to stopped Lyerin's hands, which he failed..... obviously. Carl was in moaning fits when the bathroom door was kicked down and in came a furious Luke... "Lyerin Hilston!!!!! get your filthy hands off my baby Carly!!!" He shouted and grabbed Lyerin by the back of his neck and tossed him away like a puppy. "Carly?" Lyerin whimpered and asked. "Yeah, I thought I call him that since it's sweeter and mushier!" Luke grinned and went over to give Carl a peck on his sweet plump lips. "But..... that sounds like a girl's name...." Carl askedu confused. "Exactly my point!" Luke smirked slyly and started helping Carl cleaned up. "Can I go to school today? Please, I don't want to stay in bed all day...." Carl pouted and gave Luke puppy eyes. "No! You clearly need some rest after last night!" "But I'm already feeling better after this bath." "No! You want everyone to know you just had your ass fucked? You can barely walk! Don't underestimate us, Carly!" "But..." "No buts! ....Alright, how about I make you a deal? you rest at home for two days and Lyerin and I will bring you on a date this weekend?" ruffling Carl's slight dampened hair, Luke asked. "Really?!" "Yeah." ".... Alright!!!!" he immediately flashed a cute bright smile at the twins, his happiness all clearly shown on his face. Forgetting all about going to school, Carl's mind was suddenly flooded with lovely images of the up coming date........
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