When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


10. Chapter 8 Part 2

“I want you…”  Lyerin said, forcing his voice into a low seductive tone as he changes places with Luke, now straddling Carl as Luke went aside to jack off, excited of the smexy scene of his brother fucking their little innocent lover. Carl’s eyes went wide and flinched as Lyerin pressed their bodies together, trapping Carl between the bed and himself. Closing the space between them, Lyerin pressed his lips against Carl’s in an intense, aggressive kiss, grinding his hips against Carl’s just like Luke has done, making Carl whimpered, giving Lyerin entrance into his mouth. Carl relaxed slightly, their tongues wrestling for dominance. Carl moaned quietly, in response to the soft pull at his hair as if he enjoyed it. His fingers slid from Lyerin’s waist to his shoulders. Lyerin gave him one last kiss before retreating down to Carl’s once again erected cock. Lyerin stared at Carl’s pink tip and also gave it a kiss as it shuddered and the owner of the cock turned his face to look away from Lyerin’s sexy lips in embarrassment. It wasn’t long before Carl was over the embarrassment and started moaning like some seductive hooker from the pleasure Lyerin’s mouth were sending through his entire body starting from his over sensitive tip. The blowjob Lyerin was giving him was just as skilled as Luke’s. Lyerin stopped suddenly as a tease, only to have Carl moaned at him, Carl’s face flushing, “FUCK baby, don’t stop.” That was the last thing Lyerin was expecting to happen, but it did a good job turning him on. The sounds of his moans made the hair on the back of Lyerin’s neck stand up. Lyerin presumed with the pumping Carl’s member and earned himself a good lot more of hot moans from Carl’s lips. “Oh god yesssss!” Carl gasped. Pre cum dripped from his plump tip and down his shaft as Lyerin pumped his twitching tool. Lyerin then licked his lips and lowered himself between Carl’s legs and extended his tongue to Carl’s trembling entrance. He licked lightly and seductively glancing up at Carl with every sweet kiss to my tip. He proceeded to lapped up Carl’s precum and then smeared them onto Carl’s pink puckered entrance with his tongue. “Hahhaaaaa!” Carl whimpered, quivering and panting hard. Just as he started to calm and collect himself, Lyerin slid one of his long slender fingers inside of Carl. Carl squeezed his eyes shut with pleasure and he moaned as he grabbed Lyerin’s knees and dug his nails into his leg. Slowly, Lyerin begin to slide his finger in and out of Carl. Carl’s inner walls parting and quivering with every stroke of his finger. While continuing to stroke his cock and finger his hole, Lyerin leaned down and kissed Carl’s tip then swirled his tongue around his cockhead. Then he pulled back with a string of pre cum pulled between Carl’s cock head and his mouth. Carl’s lids dropped and he sucked in air between his teeth. That’s when Lyerin pushed a second finger inside him, causing his nails to dig even deeper into his legs. Lyerin almost went over the edge watching his lover writhed in his lap waiting to be fucked. That scene forced an end to Lyerin’s slow sensual torture of Carl as he could no longer ignore his own desire to push into Carl till his balls slapped against Carl’s pre cum soaked ass. Lyerin pulled out his fingers and wiped the excess pre cum between his cheeks and pushed on that sensitive spot just below Carl’s balls. “Ahhh hah hhahhahahmmmnnn, L-Lyerin !” Carl cried as his back arched and his legs stiffened under Lyerin’s expert touch. “No more, Lyerin! I need you! Fill me up!” To hear his cute little lover plead was too much. Lyerin lost his grip on reality as his firm wet cock lurched with desire. He palmed his own cock and placed it at Carl’s entrance and then suddenly slammed inside him hard and fast. “Ahhhh!” he wailed in a painful pleasure, as Lyerin was fully seated inside him. Luke, who was aside since Lyerin started taking over Carl couldn’t stand it anymore. He quickly went over and straddled Carl’s face before pushing his huge dick into Carl’s warm and wet mouth. Carl’s body quivered from Luke’s sudden entrance into his mouth and his inner walls unconsciously grasped at Lyerin’s cock making Lyerin grunted out in pleasure. Carl moaned as Lyerin began to move inside him. Lyerin hissed and gripped Carl’s waist hard pulling Carl onto his rock hard cock spearing him over and over. Lyerin began to build up to a frenzying speed pistoling into Carl so hard and pumping his wet swollen prick! Luke reached out his hands and pulled Lyerin’s face to his waiting lips and kissed Lyerin with all the passion, lust and lust he had for him into this one kiss. ( Bromance!!!!) Lyerin steadily slowed his pace as he began to gently rock his pelvis into Carl’s over and over, alternating between hard deep thrusts and a slow push inward. Lyerin leaned down and captured Luke’s nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around Luke’s hard erect bud. With his left hand, he teased Luke’s other nipple rolling and pinching it till Luke’s mouth popped open and he moaned slightly from both the pleasure of Carl’s mouth on his cock and Lyerin’s lips on his nipples. “Ahhh! Hah hahah hah! MMMmmmnnn! That’s the spot!” Carl gasped as Lyerin’s tool pounded his prostrate sending thrills all over his quivering body. “Carl, I love you too much!!” Lyerin’s mouth left Luke’s nipples and growled. Carl screams as Lyerin’s words shattered him into a billion pieces, forcing cum to shoot out of his cock and hit him in the chin. The twins wasn’t far behind as Carl’s tight hole clenches around Lyerin’s hard thick member pulling him in deeper as Carl’s inner walls grasp him, draining his cock of all it’s milky wet cum while Carl’s scream has Luke’s shooting off his load into Carl’s mouth which Carl swallowed in greedy gulps. The twins dropped down on top of Carl spent and breathing heavily…. “I love you…” They whispered.   Carl began to tear up again and places his hands on both their heads and giving them each a slow and sensual kiss before lying down in both their arms……. 
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