When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


9. Chapter 8 Part 1

Chapter 8 (Part 1)

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“Ka-cha!” The door creaked open as Carl walked into the twin’s apartment. He was weird out to find all the lights closed, leaving the room in full darkness. He was only able to make out where the furniture is and managed to switch on the living room light without falling on his butt.

“Guys! Anyone? Hello!” he called out and tossed his messenger bag onto the couch before slumping down onto the couch, tired and confused, “ Shouldn’t they be back now?”

He was just about to fall asleep right there when he heard muffled voices coming from Luke’s room. As Carl walked over and opened the unlocked door, the situation playing out in front of him at that moment nearly sent blood shooting out of his nose. Luke has Lyerin in a tight embrace on the bed, both lying naked next to each other. Luke’s hands were also roaming Lyerin’s tanned body as his lips licked down Lyerin’s jawline to his nipples and ended up sucking at the hard buds. The brown hair twin was red in the face and panting hard as he moaned out from the pleasure his brother was giving him.

Carl’s jaw drop…

“Ahh! Carl…we’ve been waiting for you!” Luke looked up from Lyerin’s neck with a string of glistening saliva between his red sexy lips and Lyerin’s pale smooth neck.

Lyerin whimpered from the loss of Luke’s teasing before composing himself a bit and looked over at Carl with lust filled eyes. Before Carl had a chance to react, he was pushed onto the huge bed with both the twins towering over him, unconsciously seducing him as they licked their lips and their electric blue eyes trailed down his fully clothed torso.

In a blink of an eye, Carl was stripped naked by the twins as they immediately started attacking his clearly erected nipples. Carl gasped and arched off the bed as he felt thousands of tingles shot down his back from the twin’s skillful tongues.


Cute little pants left Carl’s lips as he gripped onto the bed sheets under him and enjoyed the pleasure he was being given by his two lovers… When it hit him that he hadn’t taken a bath yet, he moaned out, “P-P-please ….ngnn…C-Can I h-ha-ave-a b-bath….ahhh…. first??” he managed to squeezed out a sentence from his moaning fits.

The twins are not quite willing to let him go but they eventually did as Carl give them puppy eyes. But Carl left for the bathe only when he had a few more hickeys on his neck and collarbone. When Carl once again stepped out from the bathe, he was wearing one of Luke’s huge knitted sweaters. The collar of the sweater was drooping down one side of his pinkish shoulder as he had just taken a hot bath and the hem of the sweater just barely reached his knees. His hair was still wet with a white fluffy towel on his head and a few wisps stuck to his blushing face as he pulled awkwardly at the bottom of the sweater and shifted from foot to foot.

You could imagine what a big turn on that was for Luke and Lyerin as they stared at their petite lover looking so cute and sexy, just like a little kitten!!!

“Come here…” Lyerin motioned and Carl obediently climbed onto the bed and crawled over to the twins on all four.

Carl sat down between the twins with his legs sprawled out in a V shape and his knees together and made himself comfortable as Lyerin grabbed the towel on his head and gently rubbed his wet hair dry.

“Hmm… you smelled of strawberries.” Lyerin hummed as he laid his face into Carl silky hair.

Hearing his words, Luke leaned over and also took a deep sniff before starting kissing him down from his forehead to his lips. Carl blushes a deep red as he felt Lyerin’s hands wrapped around him from behind and butterfly kisses were placed on the back of his neck while his and Luke’s tongues roamed danced together.

Panting a bit, Carl sucked and gently bit on Luke’s tongue causing Luke to growled and started attacking his mouth with even more passion. Carl gasped when he suddenly felt Lyerin’s hand sliding into his sweater and teasing both his fully hardened nipples. As Carl moaned into Luke’s mouth, the black hair twin ran his hand over to Carl’s now exposed member for Carl did not put on any underpants.

Luke stared pumping Carl’s erected member in a slow and steady pace that had Carl arched his back and grinded his member in Luke’s hand, unconsciously begging for him to go faster. Lyerin pulled Carl’s head back and their lips connected as Lyerin’s kept one of his hands on Carl’s nipples and the other holding both Carl’s small hands above his head, stopping him from being able to touch himself.

“Ngnn….Ahhhh!! Ahh! Nghhhh!!! Ahh! Ahahhahaa….” As Carl was in fits of moaning, Lyerin’s mouth trailed down along from his lips to his collarbone and hesitating for a moment before meeting with his nipples and began kissing, sucking and licking it. Lyerin moaned, vibrating Carl’s chest as Luke grinded against Carl. His hips moving in perfect rhythm, creating friction as Luke rubbed his growing erection against Carl’s.

Luke’s thumb rubbed circles on the tip of Carl’s member, making his entire body tremble in pleasure.

“Ummm…” He groaned.

A small amount of cum ran down Luke’s thumb. He snickered.

 “Already?” Luke asked, licking the small amount of cum off his fingers all the while staring seductively into Carl’s eyes.

When he held Carl again, Carl subconsciously pushed himself towards him asking for more, making Luke laugh. He leaned down and wrapped his lips around Carl’s member. Carl pushed his hips forward slowly, urging Luke to take more of him.

Carl’s hands were freed when Lyerin ran up his hands up the side of his torso, pulling him up to arch Carl’s back even more. Carl’s heart beat incredibly fast as he took in the pleasure the twins were giving him, his hands immediately gripped onto Luke’s hair and pushing him down, urging him to take more of his member when Luke suddenly sucked hard and traced patterns on Carl’s tip with tongue.

Carl felt himself twitch inside Luke’s mouth, making him tense up.

“A-ahhh…” He groaned, obviously at his peak but trying to hold it back.

“Let go…” Luke cooed seductively, bringing his lips to Carl’s ear.

Carl shook his head and bit his lip. His stomach churned painfully as he struggled not to let himself go.

“Come for us, babe….come!” Lyerin suddenly took his lips away from Carl’s nipples and pinched them with his fingers, hard.

Losing hold of himself, Carl shot off his load and screamed out in ecstasy. They smiled, the white substance trickled down from Luke’s mouth.


“I-m…uh…”Carl stuttered as Luke licked the juices from his lips and Carl’s body with an evil smirk.

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