When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


8. Chapter 7

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Carl closed his eyes and sink into the loveliness that surrounds him………

Chapter 7:

The wonderful aroma of freshly made breakfast filled the twins’ house as Carl waddled around the humongous kitchen making breakfast for Luke and Lyerin.

Once he finished, he rushed into the Lyerin’s bedroom first and shook him hard, trying to wake him. Instead of pulling him up, Carl was pulled down by Lyerin and onto the bed. Lyerin snuggled closer to Carl, rubbing his face gently against Carl’s silky hair.

“Lyerin, wake up…you’ve got to go to work later…” Carl whined against his chest.

“Hmm…your hair smells like lemon and honey…” he mumbled into Carl’s hair and sniffed hard.

“C’mon, get up!” Carl struggled against him and accidentally fell off the bed even though the bed was like thrice him and Lyerin’s size put together…. Yeah, they’re rich asses….

Suddenly, the bedroom door was opened to reveal a half-naked Luke still looking sleepy, “What are you guys doing?”

“Um…I-I-I…” Carl stuttered.

When Luke was finally awake and saw Lyerin’s arms still tightly around Carl, he rushed over to the bed in three long strides and squashed down on them, “Not fair, Carl! You’re hugging him and you left me out?”

“L-Luke…I-I can’t b-breathe-“Carl gasped and pushed hard at both of them.

“Get off of him, you dick!” Luke who was unsatisfied for being pushed away first, angrily pulled Carl away from Lyerin’s grasp and out into the dining room where he can smell the delicious food.

“LUKEEEE!!!!!” Lyerin’s angry voice was heard and quickly ignored as Luke pushed Carl gently down onto a chair and said, “Here, Carl…You go ahead first. I’m just gonna get Rin’s butt up and out here, then we’ll be joining you.”

“It’s okay…I’ll just wait for you guys…” Carl gave him a slight smile.

“No…No…You have class today. I don’t want you to be late…By the way, I’m personally sending you to school today…” Luke smirked and ruffled Carl’s hair before walking into Rin’s bedroom.

Blushing, Carl get the utensils and started digging into his own plate of spaghetti…Hmmm, my favorite! He thought to himself and took a large mouth of it. (Who loves spaghetti?? I know I do!!!>_<) Carl had been occasionally living with Luke and Lyerin ever since that break down of his in Luke’s office. He was never asked out by any of them so he couldn’t be sure whether they’re a couple or not. Carl had been living occasionally ever since that breaks down of his in Luke’s office. They never confessed to him but they would have intimate actions like hugging and kissing these few weeks Carl’s been staying here. But then he’s also glad that they don’t mind sharing him because if he was to choose between them, he knows he would eventually hurt one of them. He loves them both…too much…
“I…in love…again…” Carl thought and gasped in disbelief…

A smile stretched out on his face as he quickly wiped the few tears that managed to escape his eyes just when the twins burst into the dining room.

“Carl! Are you alright?!” Lyerin rushed over to him in concerned.

The twins were both dressed in stylish designer suit and looking amazing in them. But Lyerin had his necktie untied around his neck while Luke just looked perfect from top to toe.

“I’m fine…” Carl gave him a small smile and walked over to Lyerin, wrapping his arms around his neck and tying the necktie properly for him. It was only when he was done with it, only did Carl realized how closed they were. He blushed when he felt Lyerin’s arms went around his slim waist. Luke was there behind Carl as he too wrapped his arms around Carl and laid his head on Carl’s shoulder.

Looking back and forth from Luke to Lyerin, Carl took in a deep breath, thought to himself, “Please don’t hurt me again…” and he confessed…

“I-I love y-you guys! Please accept me! Please…” his voice broke a bit at the very end and tears started falling down his cheeks again.

The twins stared at one another in shock as they dissolved what their cute little Carl just said…

Seeing they hesitated, Carl felt his already cracked heart broke into a million pieces and pushed himself out of their embrace, picked up his bag and rushed for the door.

“I knew it! I knew no one would love me back!!! No one!!!!” he inwardly screamed in pain as tears gushed down his green hopeless eyes. The scene was as heartbreaking as anyone could imagine....

“Carl!” before he could rush out of the door, he was pulled back abruptly and engulfed in hugs again. With his back against them, he cried silently and trembled violently. If it wasn’t for the twins holding him up, he doubt that he will be able to stand.

“P-Please…L-let m-me go…. I-I don’t want t-to get h-hurt anymore…” he whispered softly.

Luke tightened his arms around Carl as Lyerin walked in front of Carl, with tears brimming in his eyes.

“C-Carl…don’t cry… We don’t want to see you like this… Seeing you suffered like this… It hurts us, alright?” Lyerin whispered as a tear slowly slipped down his smooth cheek.

“We love you… Carl, let us be together…” Luke mumbled into Carl’s neck.

Hearing their words, Carl erupt into fits of tears and laughter as he leaned back into Luke and let his legs out under him…

“Yes…yes….we will be together…always…” he sniffled and cried his heart in Luke chest as Luke and Lyerin stared at him with eyes filled with love so deep, no one can see the depth of it….

Alright that’s it for this chapter… is it too short?? Well, I tried… :P 
This chapter is cute at the front part but actually gets so touching and sad at the back, I need some tissues….*SOB* Well, anyway, I was actually gonna write a threesome thingy this chapter but then my brain got hay-wired half way so I wrote this and you know, prepared myself before writing a smexy scene cause I can’t controlled my nose bleeding. So while I’m preparing my perverted devil inside of me, I will also come up with more horny scenes…cause I know some of you love those!!! And cause I love you guys….
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