When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


6. Chapter 6

Last chapter

Carl eventually had his back against the door which was immediately locked with a swift twist of the guy's fingers as he leaned closer and closer into Carl.


 "Why, I'm going to punish you, of course....."


 And Carl's first ever S&M experience time lifted the curtains and begins.....


Chapter 6

“Don’t make me slap you again!” Carl shouted and trembled in fear as he pushed himself nearer to the door, getting as near as he can get. He was trying everything he can to get away from this guy but looking up at this black-haired beauty staring down at him, all hope is gone…


“Slap me? It’s best you don’t anger me much further.” Luke taunted and pulled off his black leather made belt, twisting them in his hands with his teeth gritted together.

‘I’m not Lyerin, dearie… I won’t even let you touched my face, much less slap…and like I said, I don’t tolerate bad attitude!’ Luke thought and his lips turned up and showed a humorless smirk.

“I would do just that if you come any closer…” Carl mumbled with his eyes closed.

There’s no more hope… He would have to go through the same pain again after all these years and like last time, no one’s there to save him…

Carl flinched as he heard the belt make a swooshing sound as the black haired guy slashed it through the air.

“Get it over with.” He whispered.

‘I just have to accept this….but why?! Why are these types of things always happening to me?! What did I ever done wrong?!!!! WHY???!!!’ Carl thought to himself but unconsciously screamed out the last word.

A look of shock flashed through Luke’s face in mere seconds before once again composing himself. He stared down at the boy, who’s screaming as if he’s in great agony when Luke hadn’t even whipped him. Well, it’s not like Luke is seriously going to do that. He’s actually just scaring some senses into this boy here. Like he said, he don’t tolerate bad attitude and that’s mostly how he takes care of this huge company with Lyerin.

Luke’s always the one with the icy cold look and piercing blue eyes that seems to stare deep into everyone’s soul. It’s his way of controlling a company by threatening those useless or bad workers with scary punishments but not actually planning on doing any of them… Lyerin, on the other hand is more on the popular side with everyone… but when he gets angry, he’s not any less scary than Luke is. With that lovely smile still on his face, you never know when you’re going to get feed to the dogs… (Lyerin’s way of saying, ‘You’re fired.’)

Carl was still shrieking and crying with his eyes tightly closed when Luke ended his trains of thoughts. For the first time in many years, Luke felt an aching pain in his cold heart, it’s like someone had just decided to wake up from their deep sleep and have fun poking him in the heart with a burning stake.

The reason he called for the boy was because this petite little guy right here has amazingly found a way to hooked himself deep inside his twin brother’s heart. It’s actually nothing to be weird out about but when you have a brother who has a huge reputation of being the world’s greatest ‘player’, you can’t helped but get a bit worried and curious like Luke.

Tossing the belt aside, Luke hesitantly and carefully wrapped his arms around Carl. Luke’s heart pounded a tempo faster when he felt his arms went around Carl perfectly. It was like those arms were meant for him to be in it. Carl felt himself being lifted up and into a pair of strong arms. He was immediately surrounded by a warm embrace and he unconsciously leaned his head against the guy’s chiseled chest and listened to his steady heartbeat.

Carl did not want to seek comfort in the arms of a guy who’d a few minutes ago just threatened him with a belt, but then it was like his body has a mind of its own. Instead of pushing away from the guy, he snuggled up against the warm chest and tried to stop the sobs that can’t seem to stop.

Carl accidently let out a soft whimper when he was placed down on leather covered couch in the office. The sudden loss of the comforting warm left him wanting more. He now just wished to stay in those arms forever.

‘I want you to hug me again…’ glancing up at the black-haired beauty from behind his long bangs, Carl silently sent him that thought.

Luke noticed those huge watery green eyes peering up at him and immediately looked away, running a hand down his face in frustration, he sighed, “Stay here and don’t go anywhere. I will go get you a cup of…something since I need to look for someone as well.”

Moments later, when Carl’s has calmed down and had his face cleaned of tears, Luke stepped in with a hot cup of coffee in between his long slender fingers and Lyerin by his side.

“Y-y-you…” Carl looked up and stared at them in shock.

“What about me?” they asked at the same time.

“T-there’s two of you.” He stuttered.


“B-b-but-” Carl has a look of utter shock on his face that sent the twins into fits of hysterical laughter.

After they explained everything to Carl, who still looked weird out and kind of guilty that he had acted that way towards Luke in the first place, Carl finally settled down comfortably in the couch with a hot cup of coffee in his hands.

“That look on your face just now was priceless!” Lyerin take a look at Carl’s fist sized face and erupted in laughter again.

“S-shut up…” Carl blushed.

“Alright, enough with the teasing and stuff… Carl, I have something to ask.” Luke’s deep voice rang through the room.

Lyerin immediately quiets down and make a face at Luke before finally getting serious when Luke gave him a death glare.

“What is it you want to know?” Carl whispered in a voice that barely reaches their ears.

“Did you like get hurt in some way in the past?” Luke asked.

“H-Huh? I-I-I….um…”

“Come on, you can tell us…” Lyerin walked over and sat beside Carl.

Hearing those soothing words, Carl couldn’t help it and the words tumbled out of him. As Carl told them his hurtful past, Luke and Lyerin felt as if their heart was wrenched out of them. It hurts them as much as it has hurt Carl, they felt how scared and hopeless and heart-broken Carl was at that moment and anger pumped through their blood towards that fucking Roland shit head…

Tears ran down from Carl’s swollen eyes, the heart aching pain took over him once again.

How he wished that never happened! How he yearned for those awful moments to be just a nightmare! But remembering himself waking up naked with pools of blood on the floor, his back hurting, his torso filled with hickeys and bleeding cuts, Carl gave up on forgetting and instead forced himself to suffer upon the pain and learnt from that, swearing that he’d never fall in love again.

Once he finished the story with a heart wrenching sob, he was immediately engulfed in hugs that surprisingly, warm him up like nothing ever did. Heat radiates from those embraces; gentle words carved themselves in Carl’s heart as they came out from the twins’ lips.

“Everything is going to be okay….” They whispered as they caressed his silky light brown hair, grazing their soft lips on his forehead, leaving him thinking nothing more of the painful past instead a brilliant thought came to him….

‘I want to fall in love again… and this time, I prayed that God bind us together with the love I seek…’


Carl closed his eyes and sink into the loveliness that surrounds him…………

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