When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


5. Chapter 5

"Carl, aren't you going to work today?!" Ryan grumbled at Carl who has himself holed up in the comfy couch. "Ugh! Will you just shut up?! How many times have I tell you that I'm not going?!" He shouted back without giving Ryan a single glance. "What about the money? I thought you like being independent?" " You're not going to shut up until I get my butt to AgileExpress, are you?" Shooting him a frustrating look, Carl pushed himself off the couch, into his room and changes into a pair of new clothes. he comes out with a blank expression as Ryan stares at him, without saying as much as a goodbye, Carl walked out of the door, slamming it in the process. "Stupid Ryan, annoying shitty guy!" Carl thinks of everything bad thing he can named Ryan as he walked as slowly as he could towards the company. he wished he could arrived as late as he can be, that way he won't have to accidentally bumped into that Lyerin guy again and get 'raped' on the mouth. 'God! I barely know him!' Carl thought to himself and unconsciously touched his lips. 'But... I like his kiss though...' he thought to himself again, ' It was a gentle one... it felt like there's more than just lust in it...' Just as he thought that, Carl mentally slapped himself on the head. he isn't going to repeat the same mistakes again! Getting in love means getting hurt... once hurted, no one wants to go through that heart suffocating pain again.... no one.... After Carl calmed himself down, he walked with renew confidence into the company. 'That's right! I'm a guy and I should start falling in love with girls!' As soon as he sat down at his desk with a sigh, a very familiar curly haired girl appeared next to him, screaming. "Where have you been these few days?!" Trina shouted into Carl's ear, causing him to flinched an a few heads of their fellow workers. " Drowning somewhere! Stop screaming or I will be gone for another week!" Trina flinched back as she saw Carl who's always quiet and polite scowled back at her. "I'm sorry..." she mumbled, tears forming In her eyes. "It's okay... just is there anything you need?" Carl ran a hand through his hair. 'Yeah, I need to find myself a girl so I've gotta act nice to them.' he thought to himself and said to Trina in a gentle voice. As the usual went between them with Trina passing some of her work to Carl to be finished and Carl busying himself over his and Trina's work. It has been two hours when Carl heard his name being called. "What is it?" he asked the head of the department. " The CEO wants to have a minute with you. you are ask to go straight to his office right now." When he was given the directions to the CEO's office, he quickly went off on his way there without wasting any more precious time. The reason why Carl rushed off without much as a single thought was because he heard 'CEO' not the 'vice CEO' so he's pretty willing to go there. perhaps he even gets a chance to higher his monthly pay. As he eagerly knocked on the door and heard a seemingly familiar voice but pays no notice to it, he steps right into the office to see a face that he wished he never saw, only this time he had black dark hair flowing down to his shoulders. Carl watched as the other guy stared at him with eyes that were so serious, they were starting to look scary. Carl felt like a naked turkey at he moment as he shifted from his left foot to his right as he avoided making eye contact. ' He thinks I would forget him of he dyes his hair.... pfft!' Carl thought yo himself and secretly rolled his eyes. " I supposed you're Carl Stilton..." The man said. " How do you know that?!" "That doesn't matter... all you have to know about me right now is I don't tolerate bad attitude, especially brats like you rolling their eyes at me...." The black haired male stood up from his big leather seat and started taking slow yet firm steps towards Carl. "W-what are you d-doing?" Carl stammered as he took a step backwards when the guy took one forward. Carl eventually had his back against the door which was immediately locked with a swift twist of the guy's fingers as he leaned closer and closer into Carl. "Why, I'm going to punish you, of course....." And Carl's first ever S&M experience time lifted the curtains and begins.....
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