When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


4. Chapter 4

Last chapter Before Lyerin can get a grip of what just happened, he was pushed away and stumbled onto his back as he watched Carl rushed out of his door, slamming it in the process. He sighed and was just about to get on his feet when an amused voice came from behind him... "Morning, brother..." Chapter 4 *WARNING!!!! BROTHER X BROTHER M RATED SCENE!!!!!!! DON"T LIKE DON"T READ!!!!!! Hearing the voice, Lyerin immediately turned his head towards that and was met by a smirking face of his older twin brother. "So what was that about?" Luke smirked down at him and went over to the couch with his arms crossed over his muscular chest. "Ugh...shut up!" Lyerin got up from the floor and ran a hand through his messy brown hair, feeling frustrated as he plopped himself down on the couch next to his brother. "Well, I'm amused so I'm not going to stop till I get my answer... So tell me, did you reject him or something?" Luke swings an arm over his shoulder and leaned closer. "Rejected him? Dude, it's more like I was rejected by him, alright?! I was the one getting slapped in the face." Lyerin rolled his eyes at his brother's question, " By the way, put on some f****** shirt, don't go running around with only a pair of pants on!" "Wow!!! You being rejected?! That's a surprise! But who's that boy?" Luke chuckled. "Some worker in our company... kind of knocked into him a few days ago and he spilt his coffee all over my coat." Lyerin pointed over to the bag lying near the door. "I never knew you'd wear clothes that were dirtied before?" Luke raised a brow at him in disbelief. "I don't know, it's just that boy is interesting and kind of cute. Do you know he was blushing like a red tomato when I was just whispering into his ear?! How interesting is that?" Lyerin scoffed. He only had the chance to turn over and faced Luke when he was suddenly pushed onto the couch. Lyerin tried getting up but was held down by a pair of strong arms. Luke was over him in a flash and begins leaning down towards Lyerin. "How many times do I have to tell you not to make even the slightest bit of actions that shows we're gay, huh?" Luke flicked his tongue at Lyerin's earlobe as he whispered in a deep seductive voice. "L-Luke...U-Um...C-Could you g-g-get up??" Lyerin stumbled over his words as his face started burning up. "Get up? Let me see, your face is beet red... now who's interesting, Lye?" Luke placed a hand on Lyerin's cheek as the other started running up and down Lyerin's perfectly built torso. Staring deep into Lyerin's eyes, Luke made the first move and leaned in to kiss him gently on the lips as his hands went into Lyerin's shirt and started trailing circles everywhere on the upper torso. Luke can feel Lyerin's slight tremble as the kiss turned from gentle to slightly intense and when Luke's fingers brushed softly against his hardened nipples. Without wasting more time on that, Luke pulls off Lyerin's shirt and went for one of Lyerin's nipples with his mouth. He twirled, sucked, licked and bite at the erect nipple as the other hand pinched at the other bud, hard, earning soft yet sexy moans from Lyerin. "L-Luke...Ahhh...Nggh...Hah...Ahhaa...Luk-...Ahhh!" A tear started forming in Lyerin’s eyes as he felt his member get excited and was pushing hard at his pants. Luke, who was still on top of him playing and teasing at the cute little red buds felt his twin's boner and stopped all movements. He stared, amused at how his twin was writhing and whimpering from the loss of his tongue. "You're excited?" Luke licked lightly at his earlobe and whispered. "N-N-Noooo!" Lyerin denied, his voice trembling slightly. "Then what's this we've got here?" The elder twin licked his lips and grabbed hard at the bulge in the other's pants, earning a loud moan. "Ahhh! S-stop...." "Do you really want me to stop?" Luke asked and pulled down Lyerin's pants together with the boxers. Before Lyerin could answer, he grabbed the erect member that is yearning for attention and started pumping up and down in rhythm. "Ahhh....Hahahhh....Nggnnn....Hah...Ahhh....Ahhhh...." Lyerin's jolted as he felt a warm hand on his throbbing cock. But the great pleasure that came right after made him unable to control himself and started thrusting himself into Luke's hand. The room was suddenly filled with loud moans as Luke continues pumping Lyerin's member and occasionally licks up and down his body, leaving trails of saliva all over. Luke finds himself getting excited over Lyerin's moans and decided to shut him up. The first idea that came into his mind was just what he did. Leaning over Lyerin's face, he started kissing the brown hair boy passionately. As Lyerin's moans quiets down with Luke's sweet lips over his, Luke licked his bottom lip asking for entrance which he gladly gave Luke. As their tongues dance together, Lyerin's tangled his fingers in Luke's black silky hair while enjoying the way Luke's fingers that were sending pleasurable tingles all over his body. Lyerin was once again moaning when Luke suddenly stopped and lifted himself off of Lyerin. "Ahhh...Ahhhh....Hah...Ngnn...L-Luke! W-what are y-you d-doing?" Lyerin immediately grabbed at Luke's arm. "I thought you want me to stop?" Luke raised an eyebrow at him. "I-I-..." "So is that really what you want?" "I-I-I want y-you to t-touch me...." Lyerin blushed and looked away from Luke as he spit out the sentence. "How do you want me to touch you?" Luke smirked at him as he sits himself back down on the couch. "H-here....S-suck me h-here..." "Here? And where's that?" he teased Lyerin as the other boy's face turn as red as possible. "M-My....c-cock....." "How do you want me to suck it? Like this?" Luke suddenly leaned down and takes Lyerin's hot member in his mouth and licks the tip lightly. "Ahhh! Ahhh...ngh...Y-yes, l-like this....." Lyerin threw his head back into the couch as pleasure shot through his whole body. "You're so sexy, Lyerin...." Luke continues twirling his tongue over the tip and sucking away the pre cum as he chuckled to Lyerin's hot moans. Lyerin whimpered and curled himself into Luke when the black hair twin starting sucking harder on his member as he bobbed up and down his shaft. "Nghhh....L-Luke....Y-yes! Oh G-God!!! M-more...M-m-more!!!! L-Luke...ahhh! Hah....ngnnn...mmh...” Lyerin moaned louder and louder as he felt his climax coming. He's going to cum! He knew it... Lyerin screamed out in pleasure as he shoot right into Luke's tight warm mouth... White sticky substance trickled down the side of Luke's lips as the black hair twin licked his lips and Lyerin's slumped member, cleaning the white substance off. After Lyerin's member was cleaned, Luke stared right into his blue eyes and seductively swallowed the remaining substance, causing Lyerin to blush a deep red, who's trying to calm himself from the climax he just had.... "Now, are you going to promise me never to show any affection towards guys in the public?" Luke leaned closer to his face and asked as he trailed his tongue down Lyerin's cheek. "Y-Yes....I-I p-promise...."

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