When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


3. Chapter 3

Last chapter

When Carl recovered from his daze, he was left alone with only an expensive looking coat, a can of spilled coffee and a name card.

Looking at the name card, Carl felt his eyes went wide.

“Ly-Lyerin H-Hilston, vice C-Ceo of AgileEXpress company (the company Carl’s currently working at)….Oh GOD!!!! Who the name in hell did I just knocked into??!!!”

Chapter 3

Ding dong! Ding dong!

Carl shifted from his right foot to his left awkwardly as he held on to a bag and stood in front of a golden door. When I said ‘golden door’, I mean the whole door is gold in color. No kid! (Wonder why it hasn’t been stolen yet)

Ever since Carl had finished washing the coat on the same day he dirtied it, he wasted about two to three days looking for where this Lyerin guy lives. He’s actually been here on the first try but who would believe that a vice CEO of a big company lives in a normal looking apartment…well, apart from the only golden door on the whole block.

After what seems like hours, the door was slowly pulled open. Lyerin stood behind the door with his hair ruffled and his brows in a furrow as he stared at Carl hard.

He was only in a long plaid pajamas bottom and a collared shirt which he left unbuttoned. Carl knew that his body figure was great but now, looking at Lyerin with his toned body slightly revealed, Carl felt his face heated up.

“Who are you and what is it you want?!” Lyerin growled in his deep husky voice since he just woke up.

“U-Um…I’m here to return your coat…” Carl said and handed the bag over to him.

Without even taking a look at the bag, Lyerin dragged both Carl and the bag in by Carl’s arm and slammed the door back into place before locking it with a click. Taking the bag, Lyerin threw it to who-knows-where and pressed Carl against the door.

“Hey! What are you doing?! Let me go!” Carl’s face flushed and he started struggling as hard as he could. But against Lyerin, Carl’s petite form was just like a tiny little puppy to him.

While Carl struggled with all his might, Lyerin’s face got closer and closer as he stared at Carl with furrowed eyes. This small boy in front of him was red in the face as he tried his best to get out of his iron grip. Lyerin could see his effort because sweat started dripping down from his forehead.

"God damn it! Stop, will you? I was just taking a look!" Lyerin sighed and let go of Carl to run a hand through his already messed up hair. 

"Y-You don't h-have to g-get so close!" Carl scowled and tried to get his breath back as he slumped against the door and panted.

At the sight, Lyerin's heart started pounding hard. This cute little guy had his fragile frame against the door, panting with his face flushed and sweaty. His big innocent green eyes stared up at the ceiling in a daze with a few strands of his light brown hair stuck to his face, his pinkish plump lips opening and closing slightly as he sucked in some air slowly.....

Being the pervert he is, Lyerin kneel down on one knee in front of Carl as he started getting closer to the little guy again. When his face was just a mere inches from Carl's, Carl who's been so tired that he's been in a daze all along finally recovered from his stance and had a huge shock. (Carl lacks of exercise so he's really tired for just struggling against Lyerin)

As Lyerin's sexy lips gently grazed against his, the bad memory of his first love once again surfaced. Scared, Carl acted on instinct and slapped Lyerin across the face. Lyerin, who's enjoying the sweet and soft feel of Carl's lips suddenly heard a loud slap and cupped his right cheek as he felt a sharp sting there. He glared back slowly at Carl whose eyes were as wide as saucers and was about to punish him when two streams of tears flowed down from Carl's wide eyes.

Before Lyerin can get a grip of what just happened, he was pushed away and stumbled onto his back as he watched Carl rushed out of his door, slamming it in the process. He sighed and was just about to get on his feet when an amused voice came from behind him...

"Morning, brother..."


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