When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


2. Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Last chapter…

The last thing he remembered before he fades into darkness were those sloppy lips against his muffling his screams for Roland to help and the heart-aching pain…


“Carl! Carl…Carl…” he was shaken awake by his roommate, Ryan.

“Ugh…what?” Carl mumbled as he rubbed his eyes and noticed there were tear stains on his cheek.

“How am I to know? You were the one crying and screaming in your sleep and I’m the one suffering from it. What did you dreamt about? Being raped? Hahaa….” Ryan joked and went into the bathroom.

Hearing his words, a dark aura immediately surrounded Carl. Little did Ryan know, what he said had hurt Carl badly as a bad memory surfaces. Carl buried his face back into the pillow as tears creep back up his eyes.

‘Forget about it, Carl…It’s been quite a long time anyway.’ Carl thought to himself.

Carl sat back up when his tears were dried up, sniffling as he looked around for Ryan. Finding both Ryan’s phone and bag gone, he was sure that Ryan had gone out, probably to class since he was taking up designing lessons.

Carl didn‘t have any lessons till afternoon so he was free. That’s university life for you, mates! You don’t have to study all day and go to lessons you don’t like… (I’m not really sure about that since I’m still in high school, just heard it from a relative XD)

“Well, I better get prepared for work.” He mumbled to himself and started going through his daily routine.

Carl works part time while he continues his studies. It isn’t like his family is too poor to afford it, it’s just that ever since that night, Carl loses all his trusts for everyone and prefers being independent and not rely on anyone, including his dear parents.

He works in a big company even though he’s only 23 and still studying. Since he’s always been good with numbers and had taken up accounting lessons in university, he’s currently working as a ‘part time novice accountant’ (I think I made that up, ‘cause I can’t think of a more suitable name for that). He was promised a good future career by the head of the accounting department and he was grateful for that, probably why he’s been working and studying his ass off.

To Carl, it was a good chance to finally rely only on himself. Even to this day, his parents would still occasionally send him money, which irritates him a lot.


Putting on a suitable outfit, he grabbed the things he need and started walking to the company, which is not far from his dorm. He was greeted as usual by his co-workers when he stepped into the department.

As soon as he sat down, a small pile of documents were placed on his table carefully. From behind the stack of documents popped out a small head with an apologetic expression.

“Carl…could you please help me with this?” Trina asked as she twirls her curly bangs with her fingers.

“Why can’t you do it yourself?” he sighed.

“Well…I-I…” she stuttered.

“What could you do without me?” Carl sighed once more and started looking through the documents.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I knew you are the best!” Trina gripped his arm and thanked him many times before skipping back to her own working desk.

Carl had just finished most of his work when he decided to get a drink.

“A cup of coffee should be nice…” he muttered to himself and walks towards the vending machine. After gulping down a few mouth of the cold coffee, he started walking back to the department without looking at where he was going.

Taking a few steps, he accidently bumped into someone, hard. He loses his grip on his can of coffee and accidently spilled his coffee all over the other guy.

His first thought was, ‘Awww! There goes my coffee!’ until he looked up and saw who he bumped into.

The guy was tall with a long and slim body, with just enough muscles to make him look like a god. He’s a brunette with electric blue eyes that seems to stare deep into Carl’s soul, making Carl tremble slightly at that thought. That guy was now radiating a dark aura which makes Carl even more intimidated by him. The only thought that went through Carl’s mind before he was slammed into the wall was…

‘Oh shit!’

Carl has his back against the wall, trapped between it and the man, as the man keeps leaning closer and closer every second.

“Um…h-hey…y-you are getting a bit too close.” Carl stuttered.

“Heh! You’ve dirtied my suit, what do you plan on doing about it?” he whispered and grazed his lips against Carl’s ear. Carl blushed uncontrollably as he felt the man’s frown turned into a smirk.

“I-I-I’m s-sorry!! How about I clean it f-for you?” Carl stumbled over his words as he struggled against the man’s grip on his waist…

“You’re fun to tease. Blushing from only that? Hahaa….” The man suddenly pulled away and shrugged off his coat and handed it over to Carl along with a gold name card “Sent it here once you’re done with it… Till we meet again, little pet!”

When Carl recovered from his daze, he was left alone with only an expensive looking coat, a can of spilled coffee and a name card.

Looking at the name card, Carl felt his eyes went wide.

“Ly-Lyerin H-Hilston, vice C-Ceo of AgileEXpress company (the company Carl’s currently working at)….Oh GOD!!!! Who the name in hell did I just knocked into??!!!”


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