When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


19. Chapter 15

Luke POV "No, please! L-Luke....don't d-do this!!!" Along the dimly lit hallway, cries of agony and pain were heard coming out from the rooms. These are all normal since this is a SM motel but there is one room, where screams and pleas so heartbreaking it'd shattered anyone's heart can be heard. Inside the room, two naked men are on the bed. The one at the bottom has his hands tied at the railing of the bed with handcuffs which ever so slightly rubbed against his soft wrists and breaking the skin there. If one look carefully, it's not hard to notice the small cuts there that are already seeping blood. As he was cuffed and raped, the man on him grab a candle from inside one of the drawers along with a firelighter. He pulled himself out and off the bed, only to stood beside the bed, looking down at the guy laying there breathless with a dark glint in his blue eyes. "Rey, I'm going to make you remember everything." He lit the candle and turned Rey over so that his back was exposed. Taking the candle over Rey's back, Luke watched how he trembled in fear, with his face against a pillow, trying to suppress his sniffle of cries that yearned to burst from his mouth. Luke know he was afraid, he knew it all along. A few years ago, they were both students in the same university, they were even dorm mates. You can say, it was love at first sight... Luke and Rey found out they were both into men and since they spent most of the time together, it was not unpredictable that they finally got together. Their love was not very deep for each other at first but as time past, they find themselves falling for the other more and more. Their couple life was not all just about sex as they thought it would be, they would go for a trip every weekend or during the holidays, where they could go faraway from everyone's eyes and just enjoy the world together. They gone picnicking, horse riding, fruit picking....any outdoor activities you can think of. If you ever had a partner, you'd know that how much fun these simple activities can turn out to be. Sometimes, Luke and Rey just don't go out at all. The thought of cuddling together with blankets, beers and chips, stacks of DVDs can also be very romantic. So of course! The y don't mind a little indoor activities from time to time, they even have a bed ready right behind them if they want to take things a little bit more..... you know what I mean.... But being cuddly and sweet all the time just ain't the type of romance men get satisfied so yes,they have those hot and suffocating moments too. Oh, you couldn't imagine how much 'fun' they have in that little room of theirs. They gone from small kisses, light hugs to hot wet kisses and big cuddles, from sweet loving sex to intense BDSM. Yes, they had quite a thing for that. With the times they've played BDSM, Luke knows very well what gives Rey pleasure and what gives him fear. Candles and fire are what Rey is scared off the most..... As the hot wax dripped on Rey smooth and soft back, the petite torso on the bed struggled and shivered as agony screams came out from his mouth. "Luke....I-I beg you.." tears slowly streamed from his face as he stared up at Luke. "What are you begging me for? " "Stop...." "What did you say?" Luke bend down and pulled at Rey's hair. "Please stop...please..." "Call me master..." "M-Ma....I-I can't..." his voice trembled. "Say it!!!" "M-Mmmm-master, please!!!" "Please stop?? Ha! Hahaaahahaa!!!! Stop!!!! You want me to stop??!!" Luke let go of his hair and turned Rey over, grabbing both his shoulders. "Yes..." "Did you stop?" Looking down at Rey's shifting eyes with his own, Luke asked softly. Hearing his words, Rey looked back at Luke with confusion in his eyes. "When I ask you to stop, did you?" Tears slowly brimmed his eyes as he repeated. "I-I...N-no, I'm sorry...." Turning his face away, Rey held in his urge to cry. His heart ached from seeing Luke's tears... That cool and calm man he once know... That man who was always there when he cried.... That man that was never seen with tears... That man whose eyes are now brimming with tears... "I'll never stop coming up with ideas to stop you from crying..." Rey's memory flashes back to the time when they were both students. Rey does not remembered what he was crying for but Luke's words at that time were still so clearly carved in his mind. Rey was a crybaby, he himself know that but when he was together with Luke, his crying start to get lesser and lesser as he didn't even get much chance to sniffled down his tears, much less cry out loud. But they are still the times where he would cry, and Luke will be there, making him calm down and laughed. He remembered asking Luke.... "Why'd you never cry?" Luke answers with a knowing smile, "My tears are all in your eyes. When you are crying, I am too because it hurts me to see you sad." "But I cry a lot...I'm sorry to make you worry about me like that. I'd never know..." "Well, it's my duty to make those tears of ours stop flowing. Call it a mission, I'm doing it well!" "..Haahahaa....well, make a report on your mission to your officer right now, soldier." "I am coming up with ideas of all sort to stop you from crying!" "Really? I just cried...did you fail your mission, soldier?" Rey smirked. "No." "Why is that?" Rey got confused. "'Cause this is a long life mission which will go on till the day death do us apart, and I'll never stop coming up with ideas to stop you from crying...my cute officer...." *Flashback ends* "You think I'm going to forgive you with only an apology?" "No... I'm sorry...Go ahead, punish all you want, I deserve it..." "...What?..." "Punish me, I deserve it! I am the one who left you in the first place, I'm the one who didn't stop at the first place and I'm the one who hurt you in the first place! So pay me back , take it all back out on me!" "Rey Coswan! Don't you still understand? I want an explanation!" "E-Explanation?" "Yes." "I-I...." Taking in a deep breath to calm his nerves, Rey retraced his memory .... "There was this...." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's it for Chapter 15. Long time no see, readers....I've been updating lesser and lesser, I know so the reads and votes are also becoming lesser and lesser.. Not a good thing also a willpower breaker T^T!!! So here I am, crying for help... please help out with the reads and the votes and the comments, please!!! Anyways, Rey memory will have to waited for the next chapter... I don't know when the next chapter will be up but I'll try to do it quick. Having important test on 12th OCT to 15th OCT, so clearly not on these dates.... but fate always changes....I don't know, I'm just saying .... Last but not least, do me a favor and introduced this story to your friends who didn't even know the existence of this book!!! 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