When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


18. Chapter 14

Last chapter Lyerin licked the semen off of Carl starting with his eye and ending at the tip of his cock. Afterwards, he unceremoniously wiped the semen off himself with his ripped shirt. Not really caring about it, he just threw the shirt in the trash. "That's was amazing. You're amazing, Carl..." Lyerin wrapped both his arms around the tired boy and both of them fell into a deep sleep........ Chapter 14 ( Part 1) Luke POV As soon as we sat down at our tables in the restaurant, I glanced at the table to my right out of curiosity as sounds of giggles and laughter were heard. At the first glance, the only thought i had was that they were such a happy couple. The thought didn't even last for three seconds when i saw that familiar face of the petite boy who was clearly the 'bottom' of their relationship. Rey Coswan!!! A dark gloom immediately fell over my face and without being able to control my anger, I stood up, shocking Carl and Lyerin at the same time. In three big strides, I rushed towards their table and without so much as a second glance at the man next to Rey, I lifted him up and out of the restaurant. I knew my actions would probably leave Carl dumbfounded and disappointed because I will not be able to join him for the rest of our date. But at that moment, the anger rising in me allowed me no other thoughts than to dragged Rey out of there. "Luke! Let me go! Let me- What do you think you are doing!? Stop!" Rey struggled to get his skinny arm out of my tight grip by pulling and kicking me. But with the huge difference between our strength, his efforts were useless. I pushed him against the wall in a dark alleyway, "Coswan, you are in a lot of trouble!" Rey glared up at me with his huge blue eyes,I know he was afraid, everything about him is showing it. He is no difference than last time, anything he feels, he showed it through those eyes. The fear that's swirling in his eyes, the pants sipping out of his trembling lips and the slight shiver I can feel coming from him. "I-I-I don't know w-what you're talking about!" he turned his head to the side, escaping my sharp gaze. "Oh really? How about we play a little game called Memory Recalling, huh?" His eyes widened in fright. "You remembered something, don't you? You remember the games I like to play?" I place my hand on his cheek and whispered in his ear. "N-n-n-no...." "No? Very well." I laughed out in anger and dragged him to my car. Slamming on the seat belt, I speed off to a place where Rey and I know very well.... SM motel...
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