When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


17. Chapter 13

Chapter 13 The night arrives and as the stars shine, the lovely couple decided to stay in a hotel for the night. The luxurious view of the hotel loomed before Carl's eyes. The soft carpets, the shiny floor and the ceilings that are illuminated with huge chandeliers, everything catches his eyes. As for Lyerin, being the rich CEO, walks confidently down the carpeted floor with Carl following behind like a puppy. "I'm so tired~" Carl sighed and throws himself onto the soft comfy bed. "You know what? I'm going to give you a massage." Lyerin sits down next to him and give his head a gentle pat. "Huh? Okay.....what?!" he accidentally caught a glimpse of Lyerin's filled with lust. "A massage." "Ahaha....Um...Maybe not one right now. I'm just gonna go get a bath and uh, hopefully, get some sleep." Carl said and whispered the last sentence to himself as he quickly grabs a robe from the closet and rushes into bathroom. "That was close." Carl huffed and gives himself a few slaps to cool down before slowing taking off his clothes. ONCE again, the bathroom was luxurious! The gold lining of the basin and the huge awesome bathtub right in front of him. Without wasting anytime, he steps into the tub and relaxes himself into the warm water that is already prepared. His eyes are close when something soft grazes his bare arm that is drape over the tub. Frightened, his hand rises in instinct and slaps the 'thing' that scares him. A loud smack was heard followed by a grunt, Carl's eyes immediately flew open and Lyerin's face with an obvious hand print on his cheek loomed over him. Carl's eyes widened. "I'll take my leave." Even though Lyerin knew Carl did not did it on purpose but he wanted to tease him. Putting on a grim face, he turns and prepares to walk out of the bathroom. "I'm... sorry. I really am," Carl said as he put a hand on Lyerin's shoulder. This caused Lyerin to stop walking towards the door and he stood there waiting for Carl's next move. Carl walked around Lyerin so he could see his face and saw the hurt look in Lyerin's eyes. "I­-I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you," he couldn't really think of any way to apologize beyond that so he awkwardly leans upwards and gives Lyerin a gentle kiss on his slapped cheek. Carl lifted his hand and softly rubbed circles on Lyerin's face. When he noticed that Lyerin was clenching his fists tightly, he said with a trembling voice, "You­-you can shout at me if you like, or whatever.... I mean­" Carl said but cut himself off because he had a feeling he would start babbling if he allowed himself to continue any more than that. Lyerin brought his hands up to Carl's face and instead of giving him a slap in return, he placed them on both of Carl's cheeks gently. Giving Carl a light kiss on his nose, Lyerin turned back towards the door with a small smile on his face. "Wait don't go," Carl said as he grabbed onto Lyerin's sleeve. Half fearing what the answer may be, he asked, "What can I do to make it up to you?" He really didn't want Lyerin to leave with that look on his face, it just hurts... Lyerin stayed in the same spot, thinking for a second. Neither his head nor his body turned towards Carl as he said what he wished, “Kiss me. On the lips." Carl hesitated again for a moment before lightly kissing Lyerin on the lips. The taller boy didn't respond for a while. One. Two. Three. He then softly pressed his lips back against Carl's. Lyerin's hands slowly made their way towards Carl. Gently, his fingers touched the boy's shoulder. His entire hand slid over it. Lightly. His arms wrapped around the boy's slim waist. Delicately. He pulled the younger one closer. Even though his movements were slow, they were supposed to slowly let Carl into the process. Carl stiffened up at first, but soon loosened up again. He had to admit that he enjoyed the kiss. He tilted his head upward to deepen the kiss and mimicked Lyerin, still not entirely sure how to proceed with a kiss. Lyerin pulled his head back slowly, breaking the connection of their lips. He pulled Carl closer and gently hugged the boy, "Thank you." He didn't want to do anything that would upset Carl, so he just stayed there. He was pretty sure the boy probably wouldn't want to go much farther than they had, so he wasn't going to force the younger one into anything. "I-I- Lyerin, I want t-to continue..." Carl breathed out, his face red with his eyes looking at the floor with sudden interest. ...... One of Lyerin's hands managed to tangle into Carl's silky brown hair as he pulled the boy closer and closer. Soon, their kiss become intense and Lyerin's tongue poke out and started moving along Carl's plump lips. Carl complied with Lyerin's request for entry and as their tongues swirled against each other’s, Carl started feeling more and more lightheaded. His knees buckle and before his fall onto the ground, he was scooped up by two strong arms and a fluffy towel draped across his naked body. Their lips never part as Lyerin walked over to the bed and gently places Carl onto it. Lyerin's tongue moved under Carl’s and begins massaging it in circular motions, coaxing the petite boy to join him. His hand slowly rubbing the boy's smooth warm back. Lyerin soon pulled away to get a better breath of air. His eyes stay closed and leaned his forehead against Carl's. His hand reached up to softly caress Carl’s cheek, "Carl...?" He said, ready to request something new from the boy, he leaned over to whisper into the boy's ear, "Come... touch me..." His hands moved to softly grasp the younger boy's shoulders, "I'm certain you know how." In truth, Carl didn’t. Well he did, but not really, so he started out a bit slow. He started unbuttoning the Lyerin's shirt and trailing kisses from his collar bone to the top of Lyerin's trousers. He places a kiss on the fly of his pants and moved back up to Lyerin's shoulders. Carl wanted to leave some kind of mark, so he started sucking on Lyerin's neck but where the mark could still easily be hidden. As he started undoing Lyerin's Trousers, he nervously asked, "How am I doing? "Amazing," Lyerin responded, his voice almost breathless. Honestly, he was doing his best to hold in his moans. Lyerin's eyes seemed to be already glazed over and he could feel the growing erection slightly straining in his pants. He absolutely loved how gentle Carl was, he guessed it was because the boy didn't know any better, but he didn't care. Carl was getting quite excited. Even more then when they were just kissing. With a deep growl, Lyerin pulled him into a sitting position, supporting him with one of his arms. His cold hand went to gingerly cup Carl's erection, rubbing lightly. He felt Carl's nipples erect from the excitement and decided to lean down and suck on one of them. Carl's eyes darted open at first touch as well did his breath hitch. The boy, though, was quick to relax again and a soft moan escaped his lips, a soft moan that almost sounded like Lyerin's name. Carl brought a hand up and started to unbutton Lyerin's shirt, finding it distracting and in the way. When Carl finished unbuttoning Lyerin's shirt, the older boy just shrugged it off. He took Carl's light moans as basically an invitation, not that he hadn't already gotten one. He lightly bit down on Carl's nipple, wanting to hear more of these beautiful sounds. He also quickened the pace, not yet adding any more pressure to his petite lover's erection though. Carl's moans grew louder the more Lyerin did to him. The fact that Lyerin was whispering slutty words to him gave Carl the confidence he needed to do something he was only half sure about. He pushed Lyerin away from on top of him and before the older boy could think, Carl straddled him but almost immediately regretted it. Carl shoved his momentary regret aside and said in a sheepish voice, "Here I go." He started grinding against Lyerin, not bothering to hide his erotic moans at the friction. Lyerin gasped and groaned, his head fell back against the floor. His hands searched for something, anything, to grab onto. This managed to be Carl's shoulders. Lyerin's arms wrapped around Carl's neck pulling the petite boy down for a hot and sensual kiss. Carl's eyes were shut tight, his mouth slightly parted as moans and pants spilt out; his cheeks were painted crimson, truly a rare sight to see. Ending the slow torture, Lyerin grabbed hold onto Carl's waist and flipped him over in a blink of an eye. Carl yelped at the feeling of Lyerin's hand moving along his erection, but when the finger was placed in he let out a slightly pained grunt and his hands grip the bed sheet. Lyerin saw Carl's discomfort and withdrew his finger slowly but continued pumping Carl's cock. He licked his fingers so that they would be at least a bit more lubricated.Once he felt that his fingers were sufficiently lubricated, he slipped one of them back into Carl, wiggling it around a bit to try and find his sweet spot. Carl let out strangled moans and grunts that like before they progressively grew louder, then suddenly. He threw his head back and let out a rather loud moan, an endless pool of white and he relaxed again, "Rin! Do it again!" Carl gently bit into the fabric of the coat to restrain himself ever so slightly. Lyerin slipped in another finger but obediently did as he was told. He continued to hit that spot, but with a bit more pressure, and pumped Carl's length even faster. He was ignoring the discomfort in his own pants simply because he was getting so much enjoyment out of seeing Carl letting go. Carl continued to moan, louder than he had originally. His hand gripping more tightly to the fabric, ripping the thread out of the seam, something that could be easily fixed. He was drooling ever so slightly, but didn't seem to care, "Lyerin..." The boy moaned out, for the first time it was completely loud and clear. After a few more moments he spoke "If you keep doing that..." Carl managed out, "I won't be able to hold..." He let out another loud moan, "on much longer." Lyerin bent over and lightly nipped Carl's ear before whispering, “Let go..." Lyerin slipped in one last finger and shortened his strokes so that they were almost exclusively on Carl's sweet spot. He also squeezed ever so slightly harder on his erection as he continued pumping. "RIN~!" He yelled the boy's name for almost all to hear. Finding his release all over the bed and Lyerin's hand. It took a minute before Carl actually started to breathe, panting; he laid his head on the bed beneath him. Lyerin licked the cum off his hand before lying down next to Carl and draped an arm around him. Carl made a humming sound for a second before turning to face Lyerin, the older boy's smirked, "We're not done yet." Lyerin moved to sit up ever so slightly, "Can't hide this from you." Carl brought his hands down to rub at Lyerin's erection, "It'd be rude to leave you like this." Carl placed his lips over Lyerin's cock licking some of the substance that is already leaking out from the tip. Lyerin bucked and groaned at Carl's touch. Carl then started pumping his hand over the Lyerin's length. "Lyerin..." Carl mused softly, kissing the boy's lips softly, "Do you want me?" Carl tends to said it seductively but his face has already started turning red hot. Lyerin instinctively bucked up to meet Carl's pump. He grunted just at the thought of burying his throbbing erection into Carl's ass. He managed to let out a strained reply, "I would love nothing more right now." "I will need to wet up then," Carl said shyly before moving down Lyerin's body, placing kisses on his way down. Once Carl reaches his prize he pokes his tongue out to experimentally lick the tip. Lyerin's breathing became uneven and he felt like even though his muscles kept tensing up, something inside of him was unraveling. Carl wrapped his mouth around the head, swirling his tongue around it and moving across the slit, his eyes closed as he made his way down, deep throating Lyerin's length. His hands moved up to run over Lyerin's chest as he started to bob his head and lick every once in a while. Lyerin's muscles seemed to tense and freeze. He was now about as ridged as a stone and it seemed like his mind was concentrating on one thing and one thing only. That was whatever magic Carl was doing to him. After a little while Carl pulled away and looked up to Lyerin,"You want to be on the top or should I ride you?" Carl said running his hands over Lyerin's chest at the word 'ride.' Lyerin almost laughed at how incredibly brave and seductive Carl suddenly was. If he tried to be on top right now, he was pretty sure he would end up collapsing like a house of cards. "Mmmm, ride me," Lyerin smirked. Carl blushed and made sure Lyerin was laying comfortably on his back. Carl then straddled him before moving back slightly and lifting himself up on his knees and he took Lyerin's hands in his own before placing them at either side of his hips. Carl let out a small breath before reaching back and positioning Lyerin. He then began his decent down, it was slower then he wanted it to be, but it still hurt him a bit so it's better to be careful then even get a single drop of blood on the floor. Lyerin couldn't help it; he nearly let out a moan of pleasure. He simply nodded and stiffened up his arms a bit to carry some of Carl's weight. He wasn't even fully sheathed yet and it was still mind blowing. He wondered if this felt the same for Carl but figured it would probably a lot more uncomfortable for Carl. Once all the way down Carl completely stopped his movements. He was already breathing heavily. He brought a hand up to his eyes to wipe away any tears from the initial pain. He then looked down at Lyerin and smiled, he leaned over to softly kiss the boy but it was quick. He let out another breath before setting a slow rhythm, his hands resting on Lyerin's shoulders. Lyerin lifted a handand wipe Carl's tears away He felt kind of bad about Carl's pain but those feelings kept getting drowned out as waves of pleasure overtook him. He was however, still able to hold back the thrusts that would probably cause Carl more pain. Gradually Carl picked up speed; soon he started to let out small moans. He leaned down and pressed his lips to the older's, unintentionally moaning against them. He now had one hand on the bed next to Lyerin's side; the other remained on his shoulder. This seemed to make it easier for him to move. Lyerin allowed himself to thrust in time with Carl, groaning each time he became fully sheathed. He reached up and tweaked at Carl's erected nipple. Carl's breath hitched before he let out a moan. Carl moved faster when he suddenly let out a pleasured scream when he angled himself a certain way. He stayed in that position, letting out loud moans with each thrust. "If you keep moaning like that I might just­....ahhh fuuck­! I might just cum," Lyerin said through gritted teeth. Right now he kind of wished he was on top. Carl was accelerating on his own but it never really seemed to be enough. "F­-faster," Lyerin moaned. Carl bit his lip, "I can't go much... Ohhh! Faster like this..." Carl said. He tried to move faster but he didn't get much, "You can try... Nnnnnmm... To flip us over." Carl said looking down at Lyerin, flustered a crimson red once again. Lyerin didn't need any more encouragement than that. He placed his hands on either side of Carl’s shoulders and started slamming into him. He vision was starting to get clouded with these weird spots so he just clamped his eyes shut. "Oh god!" Carl said right when Lyerin started the rough movement. He reached up to wrap his arms around Lyerin’s neck. His face was cringing slightly, not from pain but from pleasure. He would not be able to last much longer. He opened his eyes to look up at Lyerin but his hair was clinging to his face and some was over his eyes to he closed them again. He bit his lip before making the announcement, "Lyerin, I'm... I'm gonna... cum~!" Carl said, he could only take a few more thrusts. "Me too!" Lyerin gritted out. He thrust in and out a couple more times before he picked up Carl’s legs and brought them over his shoulders into a v position. He thrust in as far through the tight ring of muscle as he could go and grunted Carl’s name as he came. At that exact moment Carl screamed Lyerin’s name in unison, meeting his release over his chest. He closed an eye as one of the white peals almost got in. Carl was breathing heavily, a mess of semen on his chest, as well as his lips and his right eye so it couldn't be opened unless the substance was removed. Lyerin licked the semen off of Carl starting with his eye and ending at the tip of his cock. Afterwards, he unceremoniously wiped the semen off himself with his ripped shirt. Not really caring about it, he just threw the shirt in the trash. “That’s was amazing. You’re amazing, Carl...” Lyerin wrapped both his arms around the tired boy and both of them fell into a deep sleep........
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