When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


15. Chapter 12


Chapter 12

"Can we grab something to eat?" Carl hold on to his teddy bear key chain from the early treasure hunt as he turned and asked Lyerin with a goofy grin on his face.

"You're hungry again?" the taller boy teased.

"No! Just thirsty, it's so hot right now and I'm sweating a hell lot." Carl stuffed the key chain into his pocket and give Lyerin puppy eyes.

"'Kay, poo-bear. Come on, I know just where we can go."

Lyerin lead Carl to his favourite local coffee shop...

The comfortable environment inside was amazing! It is not too crowded , the sweet aroma of coffee that surrounds the shop, and the dim yellow lights that give off a romantic feel... it was perfect!

Lyerin was really glad they were not too far from here. he planned to take Carl here some time too enjoy but who knows the chance would arrive so fast. As Carl looked around, Lyerin walked over to the counter and ordered both him and Carl a cup of latte.

"This place is really cool." Carl walked over to the table where Lyerin was sitting at and said.

"Do you like it?"

"Of course!" he sat down and take a sip of his latte.

"Hahaa... well, there's the bookshelf over there where you can read while you enjoy your latte." Lyerin grinned and pointed over to the antique bookshelves over at the corner of the shop. Rows and rows of books were lined up neatly on the dark oak wood shelves. Giving it a glance, Carl's eyes lit up.

He walked over to the shelves and started browsing through the books. There were thousands of them, talking about histories, technologies, supernaturals, newspaper, magazines and even novels! Carl felt like he is in Heaven!

Since he was just a child, he love books more than anything... he felt like they can bring him to a whole new world where his troubles are mere nothing and he is able to face amazing adventures and cool challenges along side the main character.And Lyerin knows that.... he wanted Carl to enjoy this date and see that bright smile lit on his small face. He thought of going to a library or a bookstore, but what's better that sipping on coffee, listening to classical music with a book in your hands, while snuggling into the large soft antique chairs? Nothing.

"What are you reading?" Lyerin leaned over Carl and asked, staring at the book in his hands.

"Well, supernaturals stuff about the world. Do you believe in ghosts?"

"Hmm... I don't know. I never watch any horror movies and books to begin with, so I never thought about it. Why don't you tell me about them?"

"You've never?! Okay, okay,what do you wanna know about? There's ghost, Frankenstein, mummies, sea monster..."

"Tell me more about ghosts. All I had in mind is white cute things that fly."

"....That's an angel."

"Really?! But Luke once showed a picture and he told me that that's a ghost." Lyerin shook his head in confusion.

"Yeah, it's has a round bald head and his lower part has ruffles. It's white in color with a smiley face."

"You mean, like this?" Carl turned on his phone and went through the net before settling on an image and turning it for Lyerin to see.

"Yes! Just Like that!"

"Oh...ahahaaa....." Carl burst into laughter.

"What? What are you laughing about?!" Lyerin squinted his perfect brows together and stared at his lover.

"Nothing....hahahaaaaa...." Carl tried to hold in his laughter but failed....terribly.

"Stop laughing!"

Laughter continued....

"You're laughing at me aren't you?"

Laughter continued....

"If you don't stop, I'm kissing you right here."



"Ha- Lyerin!" Carl giggles were cut off when Lyerin took both Carl's lips in his.

The sudden 'attack' made Carl blushed a deep red as he stuttered, "We- we are in t-the public..."

" I know."

"Then why did-"

"I told you."


"No buts."


"Are you gonna tell me about ghosts now?" Lyerin give Carl a cheeky grin and fluttered his eyes a few times at Carl's now scarlet face.

"I-I- argh! Alright, alright!" He picked up his latte and gulped down a mouth full before saying, "In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is the soul or a spirit of a dead person or animal that can appea-" 

.Out of a sudden, Lyerin leaned forward and licked on Carls' upper lip.

"!!!" Carl was stunned and all he could do was gaped at Lyerin....

"Foam, yum!" Lyerin licked at his own lips sensually and give Carl a wink, "Continue?



Alright! And.... that's a wrap! Chapter 12, folks!

So maybe you guys are wondering what Lyerin's smiley cute little white bald head ghost with ruffles look like, there's the picture's link right there!


Isn't it cute???? ;)

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