When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


12. Chapter 10


Last chapter …

Forgetting all about going to school, Carl's mind was suddenly flooded with lovely images of the up-coming date........

Chapter 10

“Babe, are you done yet?!” The twins knocked loudly and shouted at Carl who has been in the room for nearly half an hour putting on the clothes that Luke and Lyerin had specially picked out for him.

“The clothes are too small!!!” Carl whined from the other side of the door.

“It was meant to be.” The twins smirked at one another before banging on the door again, “Come on out! We’re going to be late for our date~”

“COMING!!!!” The door was immediately opened and out rushed Carl in a pair of too-tight grey skinny jeans and very deep V-neck baby pink shirt. He shifted from leg to leg as the twins obviously checked him out.

“H-How do I look?”

“Sexy like always, babe.”

“Um…thanks…” he blushed a deep red and pulled lightly on his earlobe to hide his embarrassment.

“Well, let’s go!” Lyerin broke the awkward silence and pulled both of the other two out of the door.

“So what movie are we watching?” Carl asked as soon as they drove off.

“Movie??” Luke asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, you guys want to tell me?”

“What makes you think we’re going to the movies?” Lyerin glance back at him from the driver’s seat.

“I don’t know…most people went to the movies and then the restaurant for a date.” Carl scratched his head in confusion.

“Babe, it’s our first date together! We know it’s special to you as to us, so we’re not going to have a normal date like most people do. We’ve planned the most amazing date that you wouldn’t forget. Ever.” Lyerin smiled and said before turning his attention back to the road.

Better keep his eyes on the road, otherwise forget about having an unforgettable date, they’ll be having a date with doctors and nurses then…

A few moments later…

“We’re here!”

The three of them walked onto a large field that was crowded with tourists from all over the country. Sitting there right in the middle of everyone are huge and colorful hot air balloons.

Staring ahead wide-eyed, Carl swallowed his excitement before looking hopefully at the twins.

“Yes, babe. We’re going on a hot air balloon ride.” Luke ruffled the petite boy’s hair before sharing a laugh with his twin at Carl’s child behavior as Carl jumped up and down, yelling in joy as he rushed up to the queuing line.

“Carl, come here! We’re not lining up. There’s ours right there.” Lyerin called him over and pointed at an enormous red hot air balloon…

The pilot of their craft had them climb in, as it was still very early, the three of them were quickly swept away by the excitement of the pre-dawn lift off. Flames belched from the burner and filled the multi-hued textile dome above them to bursting. Then ever so slowly they started to rise into a sky on the cusp of daybreak. As the sun peered over the eastern horizon, its first rays exploded on the flotilla of balloons around them, lighting them up in brilliant colors. It was like the ornaments on a Christmas tree had broken free of their harness and taken flight.

The view below them was just as stunning. Horses trotting around in fenced stud farms; deep blue swimming pools spread out like napkins in front of beautiful homesteads; water spouts spraying fruit orchards. Thousands of people and buildings pass through their sight as the hot air balloon glide smoothly. City lights that haven’t been turn off yet was a completely different view looking from upwards, unlike always… A flock of lily-white birds, flying in formation, swept across the ever-changing tapestry.

 A huge grin was plastered on Carl’s face as he stared in amazement at everything.  He started taking pictures of himself, the twins, three of them together and of course, the ah-mazing scenery…

When Carl’s excitement was over, he leaned against the side of the hot air balloon and stared quietly down at the passing buildings. Lyerin who notices his odd behavior walked slowly over to him before wrapping both arms around Carl’s small waist.

“What are you thinking about?”


Lyerin stayed silence as Carl hesitates over his words.

“This is amazing…Thank you.”

“And?” laying his chin on Carl’s head, Lyerin whispered softly.

“It’s just…everything is like a dream. I love it…so much… and I’m so h-happy,” he started to tear up, “I just don’t want it to d-disappear… like a-always.”

Sighing, Lyerin gently turned him around. As Lyerin’s green orbs captured Carl’s in an intense gaze, he gave Carl such a captivating smile that Carl’s tears immediately spilled over, “Nothing’s going to disappear. This day can be gone, these few weeks we spent together can be like it never existed, your hopes and happiness can vanished, but I’m here. And when I’m here, I willmake everything happen again and again so you know it will never disappear….”


They engulfed in a hug so beautiful… Even with unspoken thoughts, their hearts combined…

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