When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


1. Chapter 1

"I - l like you..." Carl mumbled and blushed as he confessed his love to Roland, whose a year older than him. It was so embarrassing. Roland's friends were all there, pointing and snickering. Carl had expected this kind of situation to happen when he made up his mind to confess, but what's happening right now was worse than what he had in mind.
He looked up slowly, expecting to see a disgusted expression on Roland's face. instead of that, he was smiling down at him with a twinkle in his eyes.
Carl was in a daze when Roland said something that shocked him even more, " Would you like to go out with me?"
Now tell me, who's going to be so stupid and decline that?! Well, certainly not Carl or he wouldn't be standing by the sidewalk in the middle of the night, rubbing his hands together to keep them warm. Even though it was a weird time of the day to go on a date, but love turns even the cleverest man stupid.
After what seems like an eternity, Roland finally showed up. Carl was nearly frozen to death while Roland wasn't even panting like he rushed over to meet Carl. It was like he doesn't mind Carl being in the cold at all.
"I'm sorry..." Roland apologized half-heartedly. He grabbed Carl's hand and they walked to whatever place Roland had in mind.
It was so dark Carl could barely make out Roland's features, he let out a sigh of relief when Roland gave his hand a light squeeze and told him they have arrived.
The building loomed over them, Carl had an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach but he choose to ignore it. He was led into the building and into a room where there were lots and lots of men.
In the presence of Carl and Roland, the room suddenly quiets down. The men turned to them and Carl noticed they were staring at him with lust filled eyes. Then there's Roland, who has always been Carl's angel, suddenly smirked and pushed him onto the ground in the middle of the room.
Before Carl even had the time to recovered himself from the shock of suddenly being thrown down, he was once again being pushed against the cold marble floor.
Pairs and pairs of hands were roaming his body, touching even his most private parts. Carl squirmed and struggled but it was useless, those men overpowered him. Tears started falling down from his eyes as he started looking for his only hope-Roland. To his dismay, Roland was smirking when their eyes met and turned to leave, leaving Carl alone in the hands of those beasts.
The last thing he remembered before he fades into darkness were those sloppy lips against his, muffling his screams for Roland to help and the heart aching pain...

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