When love binds us together

Yaoi threesome with a bit of BrotherXBrother


13. Author's Note

Dear readers,

I'm so very very sorry!!!!!!!

I know I haven't updated this story for like ages
I'm having Writer's Block, not gonna lie...

It's like BOOM! Suddenly my ideas were all gone....

Cause chapter 10 was supposely them having their date but as you can see I'm just 14, the blooming age...yeah, whateva...and not gonna lie again, I've never been on a date...

I've gone out with frens but u know, movies, eating, shopping, karaoke....  BORING!!!!

Well anyway, Chap 10 is the first part of their date....the morning! 

The continuing events of their date would be in the coming chaps......so look foward to it....or not.....( cause I suck at dating....)

But pls, vote comment and inbox me if u want!!!!  I'm free enough for whatever stuff u wanna bombard me with...
& last thing, if u have any ideas about unique and romantic dates, don't be shy to let me know!!!

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