Calum Hood is the first person to make Rysk feel since her boyfriend J died in a car accident two years ago.
Rysk is undoubtably falling for Calum. Can Rysk risk losing anymore loved ones?


16. Thank You

I guess I somehow fell asleep because I woke up the next morning in my bed snuggled up to something.

Or rather someone.

I slowly peeled my eyes open to notice my surroundings. I was right against a tan muscled chest. I smelt the same coconut scent I woke up to yesterday but this time instead of scolding him I held him closer.

I indulged in the moment for just a little bit longer. Letting my wall come down just a little bit more.

After a while I finally came back to reality and pulled away. Or tried to...

Calum pulled me tighter to his chest breathing heavily down my neck and back.

I struggled a little more before he woke up. He gulped guiltily as I glared at him intensely.

Calum quickly left the room after grabbing his shirt and jeans from my floor apologizing repeatedly.

I had that cold lonely feeling again when he was gone.

After a moment I went downstairs finding Calum struggling with his shoe, and that the other three were nowhere to be found.

"They left lastnight." Calum said bluntly. "They went to the pub to get their caas." I nodded.

"Thank you." I whispered loud enough for him to hear.

"For What? I didn't do anything."

"Yes you did," I said stepping towards him "yesterday, you didn't have to let me cry on your shoulder, you didn't have to sit with me. or listen to my problems. So thank you Calum." I said awkwardly.

He flashed an award winning smile engulfing me in a hug. "Yes I did." He whispered in my ear before leaving.

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