Calum Hood is the first person to make Rysk feel since her boyfriend J died in a car accident two years ago.
Rysk is undoubtably falling for Calum. Can Rysk risk losing anymore loved ones?


10. Guppy's Groupie

According to the short bald man, Calum, Ashton, Luke and Michael are a band called 5 seconds of summer. Also known as 5SOS.

And they didn't suck! In fact they were actually pretty good. At least now I know who Calum and I listened to in his car.

They played a few songs before exiting stage and returning to their "groupie" as the short man called me.

Everyone was complaining that the boys were done, now pumped up even more than before.

Calum gave me a questionable look when he arrived in front of my bar stool. "How bad did we suck?"

I laughed at his grammar. "That was dreadful!" I held my head for emphasis, "How could people listen to that? that was like.... well I can't even compare it to anything it was that bad!" my composure slipped into fits of laughter at calum a face.

It looked really sad and disappointed, or rather ashamed.

"Aw, don't worry guppy, you guys were actually quite good."

"Guppy?" Michael quizzed.

"Yeah, he reminds me of a guppy." I admitted. Y'know if you sit at this angle he looks like a fish, especially with the lighting."

"Holy crap! She's right!" Luke says from a half kneeling very uncomfortable looking position in front of me.

Calum shakes his head and raises his arm to get the bartender's attention.

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