Calum Hood is the first person to make Rysk feel since her boyfriend J died in a car accident two years ago.
Rysk is undoubtably falling for Calum. Can Rysk risk losing anymore loved ones?


2. First Day...Again

I walk in the big blue doors at the front of the school and all gazes immediately shoot to me.

I go to the main office which is right to the left of the doors.

The receptionist looked up with harm eyes and a kind smile, "Can I help you?" she asks.

I nod " I'm the new student, I was told to come here first. For my schedule and locker?" I said but the last part came out more like a question.

Her smile grew "You must be Rice-k?"

"It's pronounced Risk."

"Sorry, it's just an uncommon name, some may even say unheard of."

"My mom was a unique person. We just get this over with already?" I snap not wanting to talk anymore.

Her smile faded, good I thought to myself. " We'll Rysk, here's your schedule, we put you in the only available classes left. We did manage to get you in our mechanics program like you requested. All the P.E. classes except one were filled, so you were placed in the advanced class, however as you know gym is optional for your grade so you can drop the class if you'd like."

She paused looking at me to make sure I was following along. "Here's your locker number and combination. Would you like me to send for someone to show you around, where your locker and classes are?"

"I think I can manage."

I found my locker within eight minutes. New record! Starting new schools has been a routine since I was little. Navigating around new schools was a game J and I played together. J's parents and my father were best friends since before I was born, Whenever we would move so would they, and them us.

Until the accident when we lost all contact after about a month and a half.

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