Calum Hood is the first person to make Rysk feel since her boyfriend J died in a car accident two years ago.
Rysk is undoubtably falling for Calum. Can Rysk risk losing anymore loved ones?


4. careful

"What makes you think I'd tell a complete stranger my name?"I asked as sweetly as I could.

"Because you couldn't resist if you tried. Either I'll get it from you or someone else, I'll have your name by the end of the day."

I tilted my head in curiosity "And if you don't? what do I get then?"

"A date." Calum said cockily.

"Sorry, But I don't date. Even if I did date, it wouldn't be with you."

He bent down making our eyes at level hight. "You wanna bet?" his accent poured heavily into the words.

I shook my head and smiled, facing front. Hoping that Calum would just leave me alone.



The lunch room was even more energetic then math class. The lunch line met the back wall with students and moved like molasses.

I decided not to waste my 45 minute lunch in a line, only to not get time to eat.

I left the school, changed into newly equipped gym clothing and went to the track field. Setting my bag and hoodie on one of the bleacher benches.

Red dust and dirt flew up into my eyes as I ran. I ran to forget the names that have been running around in my head all day, to forget the pain of losing them and to forget myself. I sprinted faster than usual waiting for that ache that always came when I over exerted myself like now.

I was so focused on running that I forgot to breathe. I doubled over gasping for air.

"You shouldn't do that! It's not healthy." A heavy accent shouted. Ha everyone has a damn accent why is his the only one that I notice?

Calum helped me up. "Why were you running like that? You could have seriously damaged your body."

"I'm fine." I said quietly between breaths.

"No, you're not. Come on, let's get you to the nurse."

"What's your name?" the nurse asked politely, checking my eyes with her flashlight.

"Rysk Kade. And before you ask, no I'm not American." I sounded like a fucking frog.

"Canadian then. Beautiful mountains you have." I ignored her comment. " You'll be fine, drink lots of water,and remember to breathe." She chuckled once before her face turned serious again. "You can't run like you did, you could damage your body to a point where there is no recovery."

"So I've been told. Can I go now." my throat was raw.

She nodded.

I walked into Calum as I exited the office. "Careful Rysk."

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