We will meet again (I miss you)

Kayla and Nash have been dating for a while. Where will there relationsip take them? Marriage? Kids?. But what will happen when Nash gets a distressing tweet?


6. my Kayla

"I love you! Drive safe!"

"I loves you! Drive sase!" Alexis and I wave goodbye as Kayla pulls out of the driveway. She has a conference meeting to go to.

"Okay baby, what do you want to do?" I ask Alexis.

"Let's play princess!!" She squeals. I laugh and take her inside. I pull out the box of dress up clothes for Alexis. She loves to show me all of the different outfits she can make. After a few hours Alexis and I decide to eat some dinner. I make some macaroni and cheese (her favorite) and some veggies.

"Hey, do you want Cameron and Matt to come over?!" I ask looking up from the text I just received from Cam.

"Yea!! Uncle camewon and uncle Matt!! She says excitedly. I chuckle and text back. A few minutes later the doorbell rings.

"Alexis!!" The two boys say as the enter the house.

"Yay!!!" Alexis runs up to them and the scoop her up and hold her. The bod and I talk while Alexis play with blocks on the floor. All of a sudden my phone starts to ding, over and over again. I look at the tweets.

"Look at this Nash"

"OMG I'm so sorry Nash."

"Click the link Nash!!" I read out loud. The boys look at me. I click the link. And I read an article.

"A serious accident has happened on the highway. A car and truck has collided leaving both drivers seriously injured. The truck driver was a local worker for Cocoa Cola. The car driver was shockingly, mother and wife, Kayla Grier" my heart stopped. Kayla. Kayla, that's my Kayla! I drop my phone.

"No no no no no NO!" I yell. I start to cry and Matt picks up my phone. Him and Cameron read the article. They both looked at me. Cameron gets up and grabs Alexis.

"Come on Nash, let's go!" He says. I just sit there, unable to move. My Kayla, my sweet loving, caring Kayla. Why? Why us? Why her? No it can't be true! It can't be. Matt pulls me to my feet. He leads me to the car and pushes me inside. Alexis plays with Cameron's hair as Matt climbs into the drivers seat. At least she doesn't what's going on. We drive to the hospital as quick as we can. I run through the doors.

"I need to see Kayla Grier. Please please let me see her" I beg the lady. She takes me down a hallway. We turn left right left left right, it's to confusing. I walk into the room and whimper. Kayla I laying in a hospital bed with things attached to her wrists and arms. I sit down next to her.

"Please don't leave me. Please hold on. Don't leave Alexis. She needs her mom. Please babe. Please please please." I cry. Her heart rate starts to increase. I get scared.

"Doctors!" I yell/sob. The doctors come in and rush Kayla to a different room. A nurse tells me to wait in the lobby. I wait. And wait. And wait. Finally the doctor comes out. I stand.

"Kayla...didn't make it" he says. No. She ha to have made. She can't leave! She has a child! She needs to stay. I fall onto my knees and cry. Matt an cam sit there. Silently crying. Alexis starts to cry.

"D-daddy. W-wa-what's happening" she wails. I have to be strong. I have to be strong for Alexis and Kayla. I take Alexis into my arms.

"Alexis, mommy isn't coming home" I say trying hard not to cry. She takes a second to react. And when she does, she cries hard.

"Sshh it's okay baby. I know I know. Sshh" I say. I cry silently. She's gone.

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