We will meet again (I miss you)

Kayla and Nash have been dating for a while. Where will there relationsip take them? Marriage? Kids?. But what will happen when Nash gets a distressing tweet?


4. any time now

9 months have passed and the baby is expected any day now. I am watching some cartoons as Nash paces back and forth next to me.

"Babe, calm down." I say.

"Im sorry, it's just I'm really nervous.

"Everything will be fi-" I pause "Nash! I think the baby's coming" I say my eyes widening. He squeaks (adorable) and helps me up. We get into the car and the whole ride to the hospital Nash is muttering. I smile to myself.

"Come on, come on, come on. Move faster you idiot." he is barely talking loud enough for me to hear. We arrive at the hospital and I am rushed to the emergency room. I breathe slowly as Nash sits next to me holding my hand, still muttering.

"Nash. Calm down. Breathe, you are going to hyperventilate." I say squeezing his hand. The doctor walks in.
"breathe" she says. I start to breathe deeply.

"Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh" Nash mutters.

"Okay, push!" The doctor says. I push, hard...



The doctor comes in holding a beautiful baby. She hands her to me. I smile down at the small infant.Nash kisses my cheek. I hand him our child.

"what do you want to name her?" I ask quietly. He smiles.
"Alexis" He whispers. I smile. He is gonna be great dad.

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