My boy with the bread

Just a random story about Katniss and Peeta, the best pairing ever. Um, really bad at summarys when I don't know what the book is about yet. :) It's a mystery come on a journey with me to find out. :)


2. flashback

Yes I skipped the wedding. I don't know much about weddings, actually I know hardly anything about weddings. So........

Katniss's POV

Its been 2 weeks since Gale stopped by. Its been 1 week since the wedding.

Willow,  and I decided to go help Peeta at the bakery. Willow sits on the counter eating a cookie while Peeta and I make bread in the back.

The bell rung above the door as someone came in. Peeta and I walk to the front and see Gale and Rory walk up to the counter.

"Mama." Willow said when she saw me.

"Hi baby." I said walking over to her. She shoves her cookie in my face and I happily take a bite.

"Hi. Um, I was wondering if....if you guys are hiring?" Rory asked scratching the back of his neck.

"Yeah, do you want a job?" Peeta asked.

"Yeah. We both do."

"Okay, when can you start?"


"Okay. Come on." Peeta said motioning them behind the counter. Just then the bell rung and we all looked up. "Hey blondie."

"Delly?" Peeta said walking over to her and hugging her. I felt a little jeloouse, but then remembered that they were best friends.

"Wow, its been since-"

"District 13." I said.

"Yeah. How are you guys?" Delly asked as I picked Willow up and walked over to them.

"Were good." Peeta said putting his arm around me.

"How are you?" I asked.

"I'm good. Glad to finally be able to leave District 13."

"Yeah, I'm glad I got to leave when I did even if it was for what it was."

"Yeah, well, I better get going. I just wanted to say hi."



With that we walked behind the counter to Gale and Rory.


After we finished showing them how to run the store we all sat in the front talking. I sat on the counter, Peeta stands next to me leaning against the counter, Willow is running around, and Rory and Gale are sitting in chairs. Suddenly the bell above the door rings and Haymitch followed by others.

"Sweetheart, you remember these people, don't you?" Haymitch says moving out of my way to show the long line of people behind them. Annie, my mom, and everyone I thought, no watched die.

" guys died." I start.

"We have been in a capital hospital for a while. Not dead." Finnick says.

"Mama, what's going on? Who are these people?" She asks, confused and scared.

I pick her up. "You have a daughter?" Prim asks coming out of the crowd.

"Yes. This is Willow." Peeta comes and takes Willow so that I can give Prim a hug.

"Katniss." I look up and see the one person that I have wanted to see for 16 years. My father stands before me.

"Dad?" I let go of Prim and move to my dad. "How?"

"I was a rebel, just like you, Snow realized our intentions and killed a bunch of us. Well, made everyone think we were dead. Really he just captured us." I nod knowing that was something that Snow would do.

"Are you and Peeta together?" Prim asks me.

I nod. "Yes. We've been married for 4 years now." I answer taking Willow back.

"Peeta Mellark." An angry voice emerged from the crowd. "You married her?" Peeta's mother screamed making Willow cry.  Haymitch took her from me and took her upstairs.

"Yes. I did." He replies stepping slightly in front of me.

"Anastasia, leave the poor boy alone. He is happy and that's all that matters." Peeta's dad says grabbing his wife and pulling her away.

Peeta starts clenching his fists and he walks to a chair. "Peeta?" I say quietly.


"Gale go get Haymitch. Tell him to get Peeta's pills." I squeak out as Peeta wraps his hands around my throat.

Johanna walks in and says "what the hell is going on in here?" I look at her with a pained look.

"No Johanna. Your going to get your self hurt." I squeak at her and pointing at her protruding stomach, but of course she doesn't listen and walks over to us.

"Peeta. Put her down."

"She tried to kill me in the quell."

"No, I was there. She only saved you."

"She also freaked out when you hit that force field. Thought I was going to hurt you when I revived you." Finnick said coming up to us. Peeta drops me when Haymitch hands him his medicine.

It takes him a minutes before he says "on a scale from 1 to 10 how bad was it?"

"9." Haymitch says before I can say anything.

"Oh god. Did I-"

"Choke her yes."

"Am I fine, yes." I comment standing up.

"Sweetheart, you need to stop being so willing to give your life up."

I scowl at him. "What just happened?" Mr. Mellark asked.

"I had a flashback." Peeta pauses. "They tortured me by making me thinking that Katniss was a mutt. They made me want to kill her."

"They tortured me with water and electricution." Johanna says.

"They tortured me by telling me that Finnick had died." Annie says quietly.

"I had to keep an eye on the mockingjay." Haymitch says.

"It shouldnt have been too hard. I was usually in the hospital. With a menatlly unstable bracelet on." I said sitting on the counter again.

"I was stuck in a room with her." Finnick says.

"Porr Katniss." Peeta laughs.

"Actually he told me how he kept sain." I say.


"So do you guys have a place to stay?"


"There are enough houses in the Victors village, you guys could stay there for a little while, until you find a home or go back home." Haymitch says. Everyone nods and we all walk down to the Victors Village. Mr. and Mrs. Mellark retire for the night and the rest of us go to my house. I put Willow to bed and we all sit around the fire.

Peeta's brothers start a wrestling match. Peeta wins against both of his brothers and is now the best in the District. "I challenge you to a wrestling match." Peeta says pointing at me.

"Fine." I say. We start wrestling and soon enough I pin Peeta. I think he was letting me win though.

The phone starts ringing while I help Peeta up and Haymitch gets it. When he comes back he says "Peeta, sit on her." Before I can say or do anything Peeta is sitting on me.

"Caesar Flickermen and Effie are coming to District 12 to interview us all."

"No!" Peeta and I scream.

"Too late guys. The left earlier. They'll be here tomorrow. No prep teams. Sweetheart don't make Effie have a cow. Use something she sent you."

"Haymitch you can't be telling me that you don't want to watch Effie have a cow."

"That would be funny if they weren't staying with me." Haymitch says and I burst out laughing.

"Is everyone getting interviewed?" Prim asks.

"Yes." Haymitch says. "And be ready because they will ask about The-Star-Crossed-Lovers, ask questions now."

"Um, how old is your daughter?" Annie asks barely audible.

"3." I say. "What do they need to know?"

"I'm not sure. Tell them everything."

"Shouldn't my parents be here. I mean won't they be interviewed to?" Peeta asks.

"Yes. I'll go get them. Don't talk about it until we get back." Haymitch says.

We make small talk until Haymitch comes back with Peeta's parents. We tell our story of the last couple of years.

"I'm going to add that while you were pregnant with Willow, it was a funny site. And a not very nice one." Haymitch added.

"I think you learned a lesson during that though." Peeta replied.

"Yeah, don't mess with a pregnant woman."

"Or just don't mess with Katniss."

"It doesn't end well for one of us." I add.

"Yeah, you, sweetheart." I scowl and stick my tongue out at him. Peeta laughs making me smile.

"I suggest everyone gets to sleep." Haymitch says. When I open my mouth he adds. "well, as much as possible."

"Have fun drinking, Haymitch." I say to him.

"I will."

"Have fun in the filth you call your house tonight. I can't wait to see what Effie does to it."

"I can't wait to see what Effie tries to do" He laughs and walks away. I scowl at his retreating figure. he turns back to me and says "don't try hiding because between Peeta and I, we can figure out where your hiding."

"Now what are you going to do, brainless?" Johanna asks grinning so big that it takes up half of her face.

"Well-" I start, but she cuts me of.

"I know what I did."

"I don't need to know, Jo."

"I'd rather hear you scream, and I mean that in the nicest way possible, Jo." Peeta adds. Making us all laugh.

Everyone leaves except for my family. "You guys should stay here. I mean you can if you want to." I say. I see Peeta nod out of the corner of my eye.

"Are you sure? We wouldn't want to intrude." My mom says.

"You wouldn't be intruding." Peeta says before I can.

"Okay." She sighs. "I can't believe my baby girl got married and had a daughter."

"I know mama. I couldn't believe it when I found out I was pregnant."

"I couldn't believe it either. All I have ever wanted since I was 5 was to marry you." Peeta says to me.

"Well, now that you have me, what are you going to do with me?" I ask.

"I'm going to put you somewhere that you won't get hurt." I laugh.

"It's late. We should go to bed." I say. I help Peeta up and we show my family to their rooms.

When Peeta and get to our room I pull him towards me by the collar of his shirt. I kiss him until we need to breathe. Then I pull him to the shower. Nothing happens, probably because my parents are down the hall.


In the morning Peeta and I are the first to rise. He goes out in sweat pants and a shirt. I go out in one of his shirts and shorts. We go downstairs and make breakfast. We stick the cheese buns in the oven and I bring Peeta over to me so I can kiss him.

Like every morning Willow comes into the kitchen while we are kissing and screams "ew."

"Hi baby." I say picking her up. "Lets go get dressed." I say taking her upstairs. When we get back downstairs everyone is up.

"I'm going hunting." I say at the end of breakfast.

"They should be here at noon." Peeta says.

"Okay, I'll be home after that."


I'm sitting in a tree almost asleep when Haymitch stumbles into the clearing. "Get down here." he says. I slip a little bit and as I try to regain my grip on the tree the branch brakes and I fall.

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