My boy with the bread

Just a random story about Katniss and Peeta, the best pairing ever. Um, really bad at summarys when I don't know what the book is about yet. :) It's a mystery come on a journey with me to find out. :)


4. chapter 4

Katniss's POV

The next week the fence is put up and electrified. The leave are starting to change colors.

One night while everyone was at the table eating. Haymitch said "sweetheart, you better be careful, I'm a lot tougher than I look."

"I doubt it." I replied, a sly grin on my face.

"I would prove it to you sweetheart, but your boy would have my head."

"He's not wrong." Peeta said putting his arm around my chair.

All of the sudden the TV started beeping. I got up to get a better view. "Hello Panem." President Paylor appeared on screen. "The games will start up again. The reaping's are next week. Please return to the district you live in, or go to the District you want to live in for the rest of your life. Have as good evening." And she was gone. Peeta's arm wrap around my waist.


Peeta's POV


I can't believe this. The games are starting again. I burry my head in Katniss's hair.

"Why? Why do this again?" Katniss asks Haymitch.

"The capital got bored. Wanted to keep tabs on you two again." Katniss glares at Haymitch. "You asked, I answered. Keep population down. Why they started it in the first place."

"We fought for freedom and this is what we get?" Katniss cries. I hold her tighter. Then the phone rings. Haymitch gets it.


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