Wild Life ~Nash Grier FanFiction~

Nash Grier is one of the biggest Viners, part of Magcon and famous worldwide. His girlfriend, Kellie Foy is getting hate because they're dating. On their 2 year anniversary, they enter their own world for the first time in a long time. But in the end do they come back to reality?


3. Back in L.A

Hayes POV:

"We're so screwed. They're not answering anything." Carter replies. "You don't say?" I answer, sarcastically. "Hayes, just stop." Cameron responds. "What are we gonna do? Neither one of them are gonna answer. No matter how many times we try." Carter says. "At least they're together. Hopefully. Nash wouldn't ever leave Kellie in a situation like this." I answer. "Obviously." Cameron mumbled. "Is Cameron jealous?" Carter chuckled. Cameron blushed and shook his head. "Yes you are." I laughed. Bryant walked into the room, "Anything?" We all shake our heads. "Except the fact Cameron's jealous." I smirk. Cam walks out of the room and into the kitchen. "What are we gonna do for the FAMtour now?" Carter sighs. I sit up and shrug my shoulders. "Do you know where they could possibly be, Hayes? You grew up with them. You know them better than the rest of us." Carter and Bryant follow me into the kitchen. "They've always wanted to run away together." I respond. "Hayes! Why didn't you frickin' tell us earlier? They could be in the middle of nowhere!" Cameron hesitates.


Sorry for such a short, suckish chapter! And for not really updated. I've got a lot of stuff in school to handle and all, so I'll try and be as active as I can! I'll probably just write on weekends and and whenever I can in the week! HOPE YOU LIKE THIS!!!


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