Wild Life ~Nash Grier FanFiction~

Nash Grier is one of the biggest Viners, part of Magcon and famous worldwide. His girlfriend, Kellie Foy is getting hate because they're dating. On their 2 year anniversary, they enter their own world for the first time in a long time. But in the end do they come back to reality?


1. 2 Year Anniversary

Kellie POV:

"Nash, where are we going?" I chuckle. "You'll see when we get there, babe. Like I said it's a surprise." Nash replies with a smile. He was always up to no good. Nash rubbed his thumb across my leg and continued driving. I was nervous and he could tell. Paparazzi and fans were always following us. Yeah, lucky me for dating one of the biggest Viners, Nash Grier. Ever since Nash became famous, his fans hated me in every way possible. I didn't even know why or what I did wrong. It was our 2 year anniversary and Nash wanted to take me out. "Hey, don't be nervous. I'm here to protect you. I love you, my stunning girl." Nash says. I blush, "I love you too." Nash pulls into a parking lot and stops the car. We were in the middle of nowhere. "You ready?" He smirks. "I guess. But, where are we?" I ask. "A place where no one can find us. Our own world. You and me." Nash answers, kissing my cheek. He gets out of the car and comes to my side. He opens the door, grabs my hand and leads me out of the car. Our hands intertwine and noses are touching. "Happy 2 year anniversary, gorgeous." Nash says, pressing his lips against mine.

"I'm still confused on what we're doing in the middle of nowhere." I respond. Nash was holding my hand and pulling me along with him. He stopped, turned around and looked at me with that confident smirk he always gave me, "I told you that we're going to our own little world. It'll be like what we dreamed of doing as little kids." People say that growing up with a guy and having him bring you with him everywhere, like Nash, was special and probably the best thing ever. "So, we're running away?" I say, a little concerned. "Happy 2 year anniversary, baby girl." Nash answers, still smirking. I smiled and jumped into his arms for a hug. "Happy 2 year anniversary." I whisper.

Nash POV:

Being around Kellie was the best feeling ever. She could make my day so easily, like she didn't even need to try. All these years, we wanted to run away together from the rest of the world. Be by ourselves in our own world. And we were finally running away. All I needed was Kellie. We were walking and holding hands. "How are we gonna stay alive? Like have money or food or water?" Kellie asked, looking up at me. "We'll find away. I just wanna be alone with you. Forget about all that for a while." I answer. "I'm tired and my feet hurt." Kellie frowns. I pick her up in the bridal way and carry her. "You can fall asleep if you want." I respond. "Aren't I heavy?" Kellie asks, playing with my hair. I shake my head.

I wake up to Kellie shivering in my arms. I give her a bit of a squeeze and she moves a little. She looks up at me with her tired morning face and smiles. "Good morning." She replies. "Morning, beautiful. Sorry if I woke you up." I answer. "It's ok. I needed it anyway." She responds, digging her face into my chest. "How was your sleep?" I ask. "Good. You?" She answers. "Amazing because you were in my arms." I say, playing with her hair. She giggles and blushes.

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