Stranded with a boy


2. Starting of something new

I walked into the class room and in a desk waiting for the teacher and the other students to come. There this boy came through the door and he was actually really cute!! He saw I was looking at him and he gave a little smile. I quickly turned my head and he sat in a desk on the left side of me. Hey, are you new? He said asking me. I turned towards him with my head down, M-me?? Yeah YOU. I'm not new I have been here since 9th grade and you see I am not popular but I am sure your popular.! I said to him kind of in an annoyed voice tone. Haha yeah I guess you can say I am popular. The other students came in and filled in the seats and I honestly can't wait till this class is over. It's the last period of the day!!

The teacher passed out papers and the teacher said once we are done we can talk quietly to our neighbors. Since I started earlier than everyone else I was almost done I only had 4 more problems to go. These are just questions that asked us what we knew. I wrote my name on my paper and got up and put it in the bin and sat back down in my seat seeing that boy was done too. Which was fine but if he talked to me I wouldn't know what to say.

The teacher Mr.Geurink handed out another paper, it was green. "Students.. This paper is a permission slip to go on a trip you will pick 7 people to be in your group counting yourself. And if you bring it back by Friday, tomorrow you will get a few points added to your grade. It doesn't matter if there's all boys or all girls in your group you can have both boys and girls if you would like. And right after the teacher had said that that boy looked at me. But I didn't look back.


The bell rung and I stood up collecting all of my things from the desk and hoping to get out of the door before that boy stopped me because if you ask me he was really cute and trust me you'd be nervous talking to him. But of course thankfully I was quick enough or for so i thought I was. I got to my locker and dumped my books and binders into my bag and I shut my locker seeing he was coming towards me and my eyes widened and I turned the other way quick walk but he grabbed my arm stopping me. Hey!! Wait! Wait.. Please? Sure, I said turning around to face him and his friends. By the way my name is Carson and these are my friends. Hunter, Collin, and Parker. Hey.. I said My name is Grace. And then Carson said "I lost my number can I have yours" He handed me his phone and I grabbed it and put my number in and handed it back not saying a worded my cheeks were pink and I was really nervous so in a quiet voice I said bye and walked out the doors of the school.

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