The amazingly Dull life of a high school student

He was normal somewhat, no one seemed to care much about him, however he as still pretty normal, so why since the party has his life took such an abnormal turn.


1. trying to understand

Why... It was the one question he asked whenever he thought about his predicament, why him? Did he do something wrong de he hurt someone, if so he was sorry he said so to everyone again and again but they never listened, they would just pass him a sidelong glance then ignore him WHY was he ugly, was he a monster? he hoped not but the way things were going it seems he might be. What did he do he tried to remember thinking back on his admit ably short life-he was only 14-he couldn't remember doing anything to bad, so he would do good. It never  worked if he did do something good they would just continue on never thanking him, if he messed up... They would yell at him call him a "mistake" why..why..why..WHY what did he do he made mistakes sure but he always said sorry he was polite just like he saw those kids ion T.V shows but it never worked so what was he to do, what was he to do... The thought of giving up passed his mind just laying down and never getting up, letting all of his worries wash away with the cold embrace but something inside of him made him keep going, it made him get up every morning of every day, it made him soldier on no matter what he faced.. Maybe one day he would thank that something but right now... He LOATHED it but try as he might he could never get it to go away, never.

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