The amazingly Dull life of a high school student

He was normal somewhat, no one seemed to care much about him, however he as still pretty normal, so why since the party has his life took such an abnormal turn.


3. The Offer

Contrary to popular belief Derin was not a single child, he had a twin brother named Marcus, Twins they may be The two of them could not be more different, while Derin was often left to his own uncared for, Marcus was always the center of attention, he had alright grades nothing special, but he excelled in sports, now some may think this may cause the twins to become estranged, maybe even hate each other but this was not the case, Marcus seemed to make it his personal goal to pry Derin from his comfort zone and get him to get out of his shell, while Derin, well Derin just enjoyed the company.

Right now they were walking home from school Marcus having waited for Derin, it was commonplace to see this. "ya know I don't really see why you get detention so much Derin you are so quiet, man your luck you have such a nice older brother ar'nt cha" he said quite uncaring showing he was not upset, "a-a-actually I'm the older brother" came Derin's quiet reply, this caused Marcus to mope a little, however he perked up again soon enough, "by the was Derin one of my friends from Storybrook, parents are out for the weekend and he though its a good idea to throw a small.... get together, yeah get together, and i was wondering if you would like to come with" this caused Derin to blink in shock while his brother helped him out here and there he never invited him to a party before now as you could probably guess Derin was nervous he wanted to go, should he scratching the back of his head- a habit he picked up whenever he was seriously thinking about something- should he go, It was in storybrook after all no one would know him looking at his brother who was staring intently at Derin he asked "well?" getting over his momentary hesitation e coughed into his hand before asking "w-w-w-hen?" 

"In about.. eh" checking his phone for the time he finished" four hours." ok so Derin had time to prepare his nerves for this well as it goes "when in rome" he made a decision that little to his knowledge would change his entire high school life, jetting from blubbering nerd to pretty cool guy. "s-s-sure"

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