The amazingly Dull life of a high school student

He was normal somewhat, no one seemed to care much about him, however he as still pretty normal, so why since the party has his life took such an abnormal turn.


2. The circumstances We all live with

He woke slowly not seeing a reason to rush, no one cared if he was there or not might as well take his own time. pulling on a long sleeve black t-shirt, he also put on a pair of dark blue jeans and finished with sneakers. walking out of his room he quietly walked pass the door to his "parents" room if you could call them that over the years he mastered walking without a sound no one ever released he was in the room wether they cared or not was another matter. When he was downstairs he made himself a quick bowl of cereal and left. 

the morning air was crisp and he could see is breath a sign of winter approaching. it was quiet the entire walk not s single sound except the occasional car passing by he both hated and loved the silence when it was silent he had time to think and with thought came memories, most of his memories were ones without any to celebrate them with so he chose not to remember them. However he had time to imagine what it be like to have friends to have a loving family but it was a dual-edged sword due to the fact that he could pretend all he want however eventually he always had to realize that he didn't have any of that... He hated silence.

After a half hour of walking the school was in sight he walked to the front gate as he was walking through he was stopped by a supervisor, "so Santhos late again i see" he said with disdain clear in his voice                                         

"Derin stopped in front of him and looked at him blankly"I still have three minutes sir" his voice bland use to this 

"No, no you don't your late and kids who are late get detention" quickly pulling out a piece of paper he wrote something down on it  pulling of the pad he gave it to him "see you there, don't be late" and with that he walked off. Derin looked down at the peace of paper gave and heard the tardy bell ring... With a silent huff he walked to class. Walking into class everything stopped for a second as everyone looked towards him before looking back and continuing what they were doing not even bothering them a second glance he sat down in his chair pulled out his notebook he opened and began to draw like he did every day. His drawing were the only things that never left him they never judged him, they were always there, at first they were little more then stick figures some had smiley faces some none at all, however over time he could honestly say that his pictures were beautiful if only there was someone to look at them.


The day went by quickly and before he knew it school was over, now he just had to get through detention. He stood in front of the building for a good five minutes wondering if he should just leave, The teacher might just forget he gave him it and life would continue. Damn morals, with a resigned sigh he went into the building aware of the single set of eyes that seemed to be attempting to drill a hole through his head through sheer will alone, he took a seat in the far back as far as he could get from the from desk, He hated this school he hated this life he did not want to seem depressed however it got to him sometimes like the world enjoyed him suffering his eyes widened he went into his backpack got a piece of paper and wrote the poem he just thought up

Drain my blood

Cut off My limbs

Kill me slow 

Dont make it quick 

Let me feel the pain of life 

just before its time to lie

Let me kick and scream and cry

just before its time to die.

with a satisfied nod he put away the pencil, folded the paper and put it into his pocket that was a keeper.


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