The amazingly Dull life of a high school student

He was normal somewhat, no one seemed to care much about him, however he as still pretty normal, so why since the party has his life took such an abnormal turn.


4. Away to new beginnings lust and a hell of a life changer

Standing in from of the mirror Derin nervously inspected his attire trying to see if there was any obvious mistake in his clothing, when he could find none he nodded to himself. He was wearing a elbow length flannel that was red and white, he also wore a pair of black jeans, complete with his standard black high tops with red tongues. He actually looked pretty nice, ya know in the forest fire kinda way, it was actually terrible and you wanted to look away but when you quickly glanced at it, it kinda looked good. After pacing around his room for a while nearly calling the whole thing off he finally took a deep breath 'no one will know who I am, I can be anyone I want its just one night I can do this' finally taking one last look at his dresser he decided something, walking over to it he opened the top door, sitting right there neatly folded was his lucky beanie, deciding tonight of all nights luck would be necessary, he quickly slipped it in, the beanie could not keep all of his hair in it though, so some spikes still jutted out of the front of it, but hell it was better wasn't it? "Derin hurry up! its just about time to go" his brother called from downstairs, "A-a-alright" Derin called back taking in a deep breath he walked downstairs and met up with his brother. giving Derin a one over Marcus quickly flashed him a thumbs up "looking sharp" he said. This gave Derin some relief at least his brother thought he looked ok, "well" said Marcus "time to get going" with that they got in the car and were off. 

Now while Marcus could not legally drive a car that never stopped him, he learned how to drive well enough that a cop would not look twice at him, you see they lived in a small town in California a few miles before it turned into Organ, the town was called Whispering Oaks however everyone just called it Oaks. Now I know what you might be thinking, with that kinda name the town must be awesome right? Ghosts,Witches,maybe even a zombie outbreak but no Whispering Oaks was just like any small town, meaning it was pretty boring most of the time, however maybe thats for the best if they actually had to deal with all that crap this would be a pretty different world. But hey ya get what ya could get and them? they got Whispering oaks.

The car ride there was brief it didn't take to long to get to his friends house in StoryBrook, when he pulled up Derin half expected to seen teens all in the front getting drunk off there asses while giving each other blow jobs in the front.... Ok maybe the last part was a little much but still this was all new to Derin and you never know what to expect. Walking into the house quite a few people came over to say hello to Marcus, huh he sure know a lot of people, getting a good look around Derin realized something there was probably about say thirty people in all and none of them seemed to be getting bat shit drunk, in fact they just seemed to actually be hanging out, having a good time no alcohol, huh so that did happen, learn something new everyday. Now even though this was a relatively small gathering compared to what t.v made this thing out to be,  Derin was still was out off his comfort zone, he lasted only a half hour in the crown, new record, but he quickly sought out a private place for him to be alone for a bit walking into one of the rooms, it seemed to be a bedroom and if he had to guess by the lack of decor, the guest bedroom. He sat on the floor at the foot of the bed- sitting in the bed would be rude after all- when he hear the door open, turning he saw one of the hottest females his eyes have ever had the pleasure of laying there eyes on, admit-ably the list of sexy chicks he saw this close was rather small but the point still stands. She had raven black hair, with a slight tan to her skin, her eyes were a chocolate brown, and her skin seemed to have absolutely on blemishes, when she laid eyes on Derin she smirked, now due to his lack of female interaction Derin did not notice the obvious something is fucking wrong run, run as fast as fucking possible signs, but hey live and learn. She approached him with a sway in her walked that hypnotized Derin, and when she was in front of him she leaned forward letting Derin see a generous amount if her cleavage, this caused him to gulp."so" she began "what are you doing in here the parties out there?" she asked her voice coming off like silk Derin gulped again and begged god to let him speak without a stutter, god took a half mercy on him, how nice, "I-I don't really do to good around lots of people" he said ... What? he barley talked to people did you expect him to lie, he did not have that skill yet that took a lot of social know how. Thankfully she didn't seem put off by his answer if anything amused the gave off a giggle the she blocked with her hand '​so elegant' Though Derin, she leaned closer to Derin, "well your a shy one aren't you?" she asked in a amused tone, "you shy ones are oh so cute" she finished 'cute okay thats-' anything else he though was cut off and claimed his lips, his mind shut down, went blank, needed a complete reboot, hell its possible he fainted a little when that happened, but if you ever asked him about that specific moment he would sigh happily give off a short laugh and say "So glad i chose to go to the party, Im so glad i did"


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