You Think I'm Funny?

**May contain swearing or/and other mature topics** Just funny textposts that will mostly involve different bands and other comedic things, so if you want a good read that will make you pee your pants, I recommend this :) I REALLY NEED TO CHANGE THE COVER OH MY GOSH


7. 🐝

Daddy Luke stumbling upon his 16 year old daughter's diary when putting away her socks. Being the protective and curious dad he is, he reads it and finds out that she has a crush on Michael's 18 year old bad boy son, which immediately worries him. So he calls Michael.

Luke: "Michael, we have an issue."

Michael: "What?"

Luke: "My little girl has a crush on your jackass of a son."


Luke:"This is no laughing matter Clifford."

Michael: "Well I can't say she has bad taste."

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