You Think I'm Funny?

**May contain swearing or/and other mature topics**

Just funny textposts that will mostly involve different bands and other comedic things, so if you want a good read that will make you pee your pants, I recommend this :)




"No Niall, I don't want to go outside, it's cold." I whined.

"But that's what makes it fun!" He exclaimed. I raised my hands in the air to signal ' I give up.' Niall and I have been best friends since kindergarten, which is why we basically stay at each other's houses for long periods of time and no one questions it. Niall called me over tonight saying that he had something really important to tell me. I shrugged the memory off as the doorbell rang, signaling Niall to get the door. He jumped up off of the couch as the door sprung open before he could reach it.

"We're here!" Louis shouted as he ran into the TV room and onto the couch. Harry, Zayn, Liam, and the 5sos boys followed soon after, plopping in any spot they could fit in on the couch. I quickly snapped a photo, tweeting it with the caption, 'Look who I'm hanging out with, the dorks.' I tagged all of the boys, soon resulting in their phones going off and getting a 'hey not funny!' from Calum. I stuck my tongue out at them and walked into the quiet kitchen to get a snack. Tonight was movie night, and I was begged to make popcorn by all of the boys.

I slowly walked into the TV room with popcorn bowls in my hands, earning a few shouts for the snacks.
"It's about time!" Louis shouts while tossing his hands up in the air. I roll my eyes and place the bowls in their laps. As I sat next to Niall the movie began to play as Ashton turned out the lights.

Throughout the movie, Niall was either constantly playing with my hair or fiddling with mine or his hands. Towards the middle of the movie, Niall whispered in my ear to follow him upstairs. I nodded, wondering why he wants me to follow him. We walk upstairs in silence, and as soon as we make it to his room, the awkward silence hangs above us like a blanket.

"So... Shantez. How are you this lovely evening?" He awkwardly asks.

"Niall, I know you too well, what are you nervous about?" I coolly question.

"This." He whispers and leans in towards me. He lightly kisses my cheek and blushes when he pulls away.

"I um, sorry Shantez." His face turned a tint of red that you would think wouldn't be possible for a human. He scratched the back of his head awkwardly as I stood there speechless.

"Shantez, please just listen to me, you don't need to talk just listen. Look, I know that we have been best friends since we were born, and I want our friendship to stay like this forever, but lately, I want to be more than friends. And if you don't feel the same way-" I kissed his cheek. His face lit up like fireworks at a concert.

"Shantez, will you be my girlfriend?" He whispered.

"Yes Niall." I whispered back as we embraced each other in a hug.

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