You Think I'm Funny?

**May contain swearing or/and other mature topics**

Just funny textposts that will mostly involve different bands and other comedic things, so if you want a good read that will make you pee your pants, I recommend this :)




 *Imagine for insane like YEAH*

I quickly ran down the empty sidewalk, coffee and headphones in hand. Quickly taking a sip of my coffee, I put my neon purple beats on and turn the volume up. I forced the frozen apartment door open and begin to yell into the apartment, but stopped before I could finish my sentence. Realizing that my boyfriend, Luke, was away on tour, I sighed in frustration as I plopped on the fluffy couch. I listened to music and typed away on my laptop all day long, trying to get the upsetting thought of living by myself for the next 6 months. Shutting down my laptop, I stumbled up the steps to the bedroom I usually share with Luke.  I grabbed my sweatpants and tank top, and headed to the bathroom to get changed. I stumbled out of the bathroom a few minutes later, ready for the long hours of sleep ahead of me. Putting my phone on the bedside table, I fell on the bed, wrapping myself up in the heavy covers that surrounded my bed. Suddenly, arms wrapped around my waist. I tried to scream but, the person covered my mouth with one hand.

"I'm home babe." He whispered and kissed my forehead.

"Luke!" I exclaim as I flip around and embrace him tightly. He kissed me deeply, not wanting to let me go. I pulled away after a few seconds, wanting to see his face so badly.

"Luke, I missed you so much." I whispered.

"I missed you too." He kissed my forehead.

"I love you more than anything in the world." He whispered.

"I love you too." I mumbled. I fell asleep that night to Luke softly humming a sweet song in my ear, kissing my forehead when I fell asleep.


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