You Think I'm Funny?

**May contain swearing or/and other mature topics** Just funny textposts that will mostly involve different bands and other comedic things, so if you want a good read that will make you pee your pants, I recommend this :) I REALLY NEED TO CHANGE THE COVER OH MY GOSH




















when I get my own apartment i'm going to connect speakers to an alarm system so when someone sets it off a recording of shrek will yell "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP"
















'scene where Michael started singing with the megaphone*

and in that moment

the Michael girls lost their shit
















baby Hood drawing scribbles all over himself in black marker so he can just like daddy
















I want a mini Ashton Irwin to keep in my pocket so whenever i'm feeling bad I can just pull him out and poke him until he giggles bc Ashton's giggles are a cure-all for sadness trust me this is pure science.
















lashton, muke, and cake are the most popular ships in the 5SOS fandom,

Luke you're such a slut
















oh look at me i'm Luke Hemmings look at my pretty hair and my boopy nose look at me sleeping on my mom's shoulder look at my awkward feet look at my dimples look at this spongebob meme I just found look at it look look at mE
















I wish I was a hot 5sos fan

and I had blonde hair and blue eyes

and I was skinny with a great laugh

basically I wish I was Niall Horan
















if you hurt Ashton Irwin to the point where he cries I hope you know that you, your family, and all your cows are cursed for eternity
















listen my friend if you're looking for some informational or educational band then don't become they illiterate as shit and the drummer thinks tadpoles are baby turtles
















I want a boyfriend but if it isn't gonna be calum hood then fuck that shit

















the nicknames we've given the boys are great bc

- Lucifer

- Cliffconda

- daddy ash

and last but not least

calvin the Asian one
















every night she studies hard in her room

at least that's what her parents assume

she sneaks onto tumblr

to be with her 'boyfriends'

and blogs all about them till 3 in the morning

she said to me, forget what you thought

'cause quiet girls are blogger that haven't been caught

she may sit alone at the back of the class

but she's really reblogging pics of Cal's ass

















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