The Proposal (Harry Styles)

Do you know what it's like to be in love with your best friend? To have him leave you for four years to live his dream, then come back and automatically assume you will go to his wedding? Did I ever mention to tell you the girl he's marrying is a sweetheart? She is perfect. Her body is perfect, her looks, her attitude, her in general. Anne and Gemma adore her, and Harry is completely and utterly in love with her. And I can do nothing about it.

But I will try. I will tell him my feelings, even if it turns for the worst.


1. 06:22 AM

~~06:22 AM 31st May, 2014


My alarm sounds throughout my flat making me groan. With my eyes shut, I move my arm to try and find my phone-- once found, I click on 'dismiss' and set my phone back onto the table. I finally decide to get up and stretch, my body clicking and muscles tight. I finally open my eyes and slowly move out of bed. Looking around, I see my clothes from last night all over my floor, and paper spread out everywhere. I sigh and run my fingers through my bed hair, finally I just give up and put my hair in a not-so-well-put-together top knot. My white button down shirt stopping right above my knees, and my body warm.


I go to the kitchen and grab an iced coffee from my fridge, open the cap, and drink it. "You still drink that stuff?" I scream and drop my coffee-- I turn around and see my best friend Zoey, sitting in a chair at the table. "Oh my god, why did I ever get you a key?" I ask bending down to clean up my coffee, which is now all over the floor. "Because you love me, and you know I would just bang on your door every hour of the night just to get in." She says matter-factly.


"So, what are you doing her at seven in the morning?" I ask and throw away the glass bottle. "Well, I may or may not have something important to tell you." She trails off. I quirk my eyebrow up as if saying to continue. "Well, I went through your mail-" I cut her off. "You went through my mail?" she waves me off, "As I was saying," she pauses, glaring at me. "You mum sent you an envelope" she says and grabs it out of her back pocket. I don't even question her as to why she has it.


"Dear Carter,

It has been ages since you have last visited me, dear. I would like to see you. Hopefully you have finally found a nice man like your sister has. Im expecting grandchildren before I die, you know. Anyways, I have very special people who have came in, to visit you. I hope to hear or see you soon! Tell Zoey I said hello.

Love, Mum.

P.S. I forgot to ask you how work is! You can just tell me that when you come here. I love you x"


I read the letter out loud. I huff. "So, my mum is pretty much telling me to go visit her. I moved away for a reason, I don't want to go back." I tell Zoey and move around the kitchen. She follows close behind me. "Yeah, but look at it this way, It would only be for a week. Then, you can come back and lounge in your sofa and watch your massive television." She says in a dreamily tone. "No, I'm not going." I say and walk into my bedroom. I take off my shirt and roam around in my wardrobe to find today's outfit. "Here's your phone," She hands me my ringing cell phone. 'Mum' ugh. I press decline and throw it on my bed.


"You really should not decline your own mothers calls. She does know how a phone works now." Zoey says in a tone. I give her a look and slide up my skinnys. "I highly doubt- Why you gotta be so rude, dont you know im human too" My phone sings.


I sigh and answer my phone. "Mum, hi!" I say in fake cheer. I hear her laugh at whatever someone has said to her. "I was just calling you to see if you got my letter?" She asks, I hold my breath. "Nope, no letter. Why?" I lie. "Well, I was just saying how you need to come here, I have some people who want to see you. And how's that boyfriend of yours?" I button up my shirt. "Who is it?" I ask and avoid the question. "Carter has a boyfriend?" I hear a deep voice ask my mother. I pull the phone away from my ear and give it a weird look. I look at Zoey and mouth 'A man is at my mums' she gives me a weird look, like I did the phone.


"Oh, yes she does. His name is Zach, and he is a cheeky lad, he is. Anyways, sorry Carter, that is one of the people that have came to see you. Get a flight, we are excited to see you! Someone will be there at HEathrow to pick you up. Love you, bye honey." I reply with and 'i love you too' and hung up.


"Looks like im going to Cheshire." I say and throw my phone on my bed. I put on my blazer and then my flats, not even bothering to work on my hair. I grab my breifcase and pick up all of the papers from my floor and stack them neatly into the case. "I knew you would. and you said there was a man there? What if your mum is getting some!" She says loudly. "Ew, and she still thinks that me and Zach are still together, what do I do?" I asks and close the breifcase. I to back to my wardrobe and grab out my suitcases and start packing my clothes and neccessities for the trip.


"Hey, will you get on line and order me a plane ticket to Cheshire." I ask, she nods and gets out my laptop. "Thank you, I have to get to work now, you can chill here if you'd like. Love you Zoe, see you at half three." I say and wave. I grab my keys and go to my car. I can't believe I am going home. Where he is. Where my mum, and family is. Where my old friends are... Why did I agree?



short sorry. I tried to make it long. 1003 words!


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