Battle Cry (EDITING)

"He's a ghost, you'll never find him."

|| I do not own anything Marvel-related mentioned. Please do not copy. ||
{Started/Completed in 2014}


6. F O R G E T



Pierce grabbed my arm and yanked me out of the van. He tossed me onto the ground. Hydra agents began to circle around. Ward grabbed my shoulder and yanked me up.

"Ah, Зимний Солдат." Ward spat in my face. 'Ah, Winter Soldier.'

"Ward." I grumbled.

I glared at him.

"Get the machine ready, then find me Rumlow." Pierce ordered to an agent, while turning away from me.

Ward told him something, then turned back to me.

"Don't think I know your weak spots." He teased. "You know, your left shoulder? Right where-"

"I know what your talking about, Ward." I interrupted.

"Calm down, Зимний, before you explode." He teased again.

"It'd be better than ever seeing you again..." I muttered.

Ward grabbed my shoulders and tossed me back onto the ground.

"One more comment like that out of you, and Зимний, I swear to God, I will make you regret it." He venomously spat at me.

He yanked me up again, and pushed me forwards.


"Gettin' real tired of your..." I didn't let myself finish when Pierce led me into a fimiliar underground Hydra base.

And there it was.

That tortuorus machine that made me forget so many things.

"Seem fimiliar, Зимний?" Ward showed up again, and shoved me towards the only thing that scared me.

And he was right, I should've calmed down.

Because I exploded into a fit of rage, right then.

I was punching agents left and right, knocking out gaurds and stealing guns. Doing things I regret now.

I pointed a rifle towards Ward.

"Ha. If you kill me, we kill her." Ward said, gesturing behind me, into the halls.

I regret turning around. I regret seeing it.

Joyce was tied up, held by Crossbones, and Pierce. She was screaming. They held guns to her head.


"Зимний, we know you don't want her to die. So, we'll cut you a deal." Ward offered.

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