Battle Cry (EDITING)

"He's a ghost, you'll never find him."

|| I do not own anything Marvel-related mentioned. Please do not copy. ||
{Started/Completed in 2014}


2. B E G I N

Voices crowded the building, while the choir prepared to sing. Joyce was sitting in church, quietly. She had no one with her. She watched the choir prepare. She was so interested. As a child she wanted to be exactly like them. She wanted a normal Christian life; no drama, no sin.

But that all changed within an instant.

After church, she began to walk home. She looked out of place, in her white sundress and sandals. She had a flower pin in her hair. The nineteen-year old tried her hardest not to skip all the way home, she was extremely happy. But something caught her attention; the dark figure in the shadows watching her. Her bright, beaming smile faded as she came to a stop. The figure turned and walked away. It was a man. He was tall. He looked strong. He had shoulder-length brown hair. Something on his left arm was shining. Maybe something metal on his sleeve? Joyce walked cautiously back to her apartment.


When Joyce got home she decided to watch a movie. She took the case for Fantastic Four and slipped the DVD into the player. While all those pesky advertisments played, Joyce made popcorn and changed into a black T-shirt and jeans. She curled up under her favorite blanket and watched the movie.


It was about half-way through when she got a call from an unknown number.


"Hello?" She asked, answering it.


A mysterious, low voice came back, with, "Look out your window." Then the call ended.


Joyce paused the movie and skeptically walked to the window. Standing under it was the mysterious man who was watching her. She almost fell to her knees in tears, she was terrified. She calmed herself and opened the window. "Who are you?" She called. The man looked up. He was wearing a mask and goggles.

"I am the Winter Soldier." He said. Then she noticed the metal arm.

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