Battle Cry (EDITING)

"He's a ghost, you'll never find him."

|| I do not own anything Marvel-related mentioned. Please do not copy. ||
{Started/Completed in 2014}


4. A W A K E N

Joyce was out cold on the floor. The man felt a twinge of guilt but nothing more. He didn't allow himself to feel more. He spent about two minutes staying there, making sure there was no evidence left, and making sure Joyce didn't wake up. But she did. Her eyes flickered open and she reached for the pistol. The assassain reacted faster than a mousetrap. Time seemed to stand still for a moment. The man skidded his feet to a stop when he reached the gun, but Joyce's speed beat him. Joyce straightened herself and pointed the gun at the man's chest.

"Winter Soldier." He said.

Joyce didn't react, she had her eye on the ball; keep herself safe from the Warrior standing in front of her. The Soldier tried to say something else, but nothing could escape his lips. Joyce was not making eye contact; nor did she plan to.

"Just call me Soldier." The Warrior said, lowering his hands that he had raised down to his pocket.

He quickly grabbed the knife he had and knocked the gun out of Joyce's hands, then pinned her against the wall with the knife to her neck.

"I'm going to give you one last chance," He said menacingly.

"For what?" Joyce asked.

"Life." The Soldier spat back.

Joyce had her hands up, and she didn't plan to lower them. She only sank to her knees without knowing, the nervousness getting to her.

Joyce fell out the floor in tears, she was afraid for her life. The Soldier felt guilt like it had slapped him in the face. He didn't like the feeling.

The Soldier kneeled beside her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what I was doing..." He said.

Joyce looked up in confusion, tears still spilling. She thoughtlessly hugged him. The Soldier was a bit confused at first, but then he slowly wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was doing." The Soldier repeated. "I was just being a... I was just doing my job." He said.

Joyce looked at him, finally making eye contact.

"Job?" She asked.

The Soldier looked at her, he didn't want to tell her he had been sent to kill her.

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