7:15 || l.h

"That's our time."


1. 0.1

This was going to be a horrible year. My mum just took away my car keys, she was a drunk, for no apparent reason. She was wasted when she did it, and I hated days like this.

I had just started my senior year and I was now the only senior without a car. Which sucked. My younger brother, Dylan, walked into my room with his favorite stuffed dog. I heard a glass break and a loud sob, so he ran in and onto my bed hiding under my covers.

I sighed as I walked toward the door, closing it and locking it. I honestly didn't want to deal with my mother right now. "Dylan.. you okay?"

I walked back to my bed and sat him on my lap taking his little hand and holding it in mine.

"Why is momma like that? She's been sleeping a lot and crying. Why is she so sad and tired?"

I shrugged my shoulders and sighed again, "I don't know."

"Zo, can I sleep in here? I'm scared," he whispered and crawled off my lap, and laying next to me, not waiting for an answer.

I mean, I couldn't say no to him, honestly I felt bad for him. He was only 7 with an always drunk mother.

I giggled at him and closed my eyes, until I heard a loud scream. "Zoe! Get your ass down here and clean up this mess! I don't have all fucking day to wait for your slow ass!" Dylan gasped and I stood up, walking to my door, unlocking it and opening it. I stepped out and ran down the stairs, quickly picking up broken bottles with my bare hands, because I wasn't supposed to use anything but my hands.

"Stupid bitch. You're a big fuck up." I continued picking up the glasses pieces, some pieces cutting into my hand as I winced. But I didn't bother putting band aids or anything on them.

I finally finished after 15 minutes, my mum was already passed out on the couch by the time I was done.

I snuck back up stairs, quietly so I didn't wake her up. Dylan was fast asleep, slightly drooling on his stuffed dog. I took off the bracelets I was wearing to cover up my scars, and put them on the small tables next to my bed. I crawled in next to him and pulled the covers on me, checking my phone once for any missed texts.

I sat it down near my bracelets and closed my eyes. Maybe, I thought, I could actually get some sleep for once.

I slowly drifted off into a deep slumber.

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