My father tells me that he left me when I was 8 then came back to save me from my mother when i was 10. But he couldnʼt have saved me from my mother; because there was nothing wrong with her, he was the problem. He says he will always be there for me but no one is really ever there for you. No one can take away all your sadness and all of your fears, no one can take away all the madness and wipe away all of your tears. No one will ever cradle you in their arms, and make you feel completely and totally secure.


2. Chapter One

Everyone has a life, whether they decide to love their life or hate it, thats their choice and no one elseʼs. If you hate yourself you will automatically hate other people. Its just how life works. Some people have many friends, others only have a few. And some people, they have absolutely no friends at all, and Iʼm one of the people who only have a few friends. Actually I only have one true friend. Her name is Leah. I will tell you more about her later. Some people despise their school life. Some of it may be due to the people in school, and some of it may be due to the school work. Personally, I think my school life sucks. I absolutely HATE Lakewood Middle School. It is the worst place known to man kind. Why? Because almost all of the teachers and students in Lakewood hate me, Jenna Stewart, thatʼs my name. And whenever any person hears my name, it reminds them of a person who has some... “issues”. They think of me as a person who is very depressed and who doesnʼt always make too good of choices. Which all of that is true and Iʼm fine with how I live. I have Leah, and she is all I need. Leah has her own problems and so do I, but I have known her since day one. Actually, now that I think of it, I have had a few more friends in the past. But that was a long time ago. I lost all of them, in a car crash.My father tries to tell me that he is my friend, which he is but he shouldnʼt be. Parents are their to guide you, to give you instruction, to raise you to be good. Not to be your friend. And again this is yet another thing my father has done wrong. He is full of wrong doings. That is all he ever is, wrong.


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